Posted by: incywincy | October 30, 2006

Another Weekend

In the news today, I read that budget airline Air India Express started flights to Singapore, from Chennai, India. I wonder how long will it be before China Airlines decides to come up with a budget subsidiary to fly the hoardes of Chinese in Singapore home to their native country during festive seasons and school holidays, not to mention the people who go there for work purposes on a regular basic.

How wonderful it would be if there were budget flights to Beijing. But I’m just dreaming.

Anyway! It’s been a long day at work, and I had to pop 2 panadols during lunch time because of the pounding headache I got from looking at all the legal documents that had piled up on my desk during my absence the previous week.

I’m so happy to be home.

Partly also because I forgot to bring my mobile phone to work today, and was feeling ultra helpless without it. Funny how we depend so much on mobile phones these days.

Have been hanging out with Peiyu and talking to her alot recently – glad our friendship rekindled during these difficult times for her. We met up last Thursday after I finished work, at Vivocity, for dinner.

Then, on Saturday we met up at Holland Village in the afternoon, for a dose of Essential Brew’s tea-infused coolers and floral teas. Chatted and slacked and chatted and slacked. And took photos!

Then we moved on to the newly (ok, not so new) revamped Holland Village market for dinner. The food was… Okay. Actually mine wasn’t good. I was quite sick by the time I got to the bottom of my bowl of spring onion and fish rice.

Wenjin came to join us after we finished dinner, and then we all trooped off to Gelare for some finger-lickin’ goodness – ice cream! Haha. Here’s our Five Treasures:

Yu and I were like fighting over who should choose 3 flavours, and who gets to choose 2. We are both indecisive people when it comes to such things, so it took us a long time. Haha. This was quite good, for 3 people – just the right amount.

At first, Yu and I were like taking 10 gazillion years to choose whether we should take 2 sundaes, or 2 banana boats, or whatever, and then we couldn’t decide, so finally Wenjin decided on the Five Treasures. Haha.

More pics of us!

And me, courtesy of Yu:

I like my pink floral top.

On Friday, BB and I had dinner with Justin at our favourite Beijing restaurant (Beijing Folk Restaurant, haha!) at Chinatown. Then we came back to my place to play with Piggy, and later, all four of us trooped off to Justin’s place for a stayover with his two piggies! Behold, Justin’s pigs:

(Photo by Justin Qian)

Justin, thanks for always letting BB and I trash your place on weekends. Hehe.


  1. Well, if our Romeo is in the last photo, he would probably fill up the whole picture! Haha,,,

  2. that’s why he’s not in there lah. cos the focus here is justin’s pigs. not our fat pig. haha.

  3. anyway. how come justin 1 person got 2 pigs, n we 2 persons got 1 pig only? =( we should have 4.

  4. eh.. cute pigs!! hahaha.. messy messy hair!!

  5. i never say cannot get more pigs mah…

  6. no im saying that justin shd kill 1.5 of his pigs.. thn the ratio wld b jus nice. 😀

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