Posted by: incywincy | October 27, 2006

New resolution:

Save money, and get more money!

10 Ways to do so:
(1) Calculate every single cent that people owe me and get it back
(2) Don’t take cab to work so often
(3) Don’t eat at expensive restaurants
(4) Don’t drink expensive coffee
(5) Eat less junk (can lose weight too!)
(6) Find part-time / freelance work to do
(7) Spend less on phone bill
(8) Sell things that I don’t want anymore
(9) Look for money that people have dropped on the floor (haha!)
(10) Extort my family, friends, BF, BF’s friends (保护费/Protection fee) Haha!

Finally, I will bank in money more than I spend it! Haha. I hope it can happen. Oh well, at least I try.


  1. read mine: wahaha…

  2. wah. extort. hehe. u try lo. hehhehehe.

  3. what kind of part time free lance work?

  4. any type. writing company profile, writing anything. that kinda thing. hahaha. boss u wanna hire me?

  5. its abit too early for new year resos rite? haha..

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