Posted by: incywincy | October 24, 2006

Selamat Malem dari Surabaya, Indonesia!

Finally I’m able to get a decent internet connection, and upload all my photos so that I can blog in peace without getting my connection cut off! At first, I thought that the wireless signal in my room is the strongest, but it’s so much better outside here, at the dining table! Which works better for me, actually, because I can sit comfortably, and it’s much windier out here.

So. If you’re ready for an overload of photos and proofs of shopping madness, click on the link below!

Day 1. Thursday. I left the house on 19 October, in the afternoon, without my e-ticket. Smart huh, I know. I left it in the office. So I went to Pearl Centre to print it. Well, I’d rather not go into the details; it was alot of hassle. But I was still early, so I had the time.

Reached the office and met up with Mummy. We checked our luggage in, and then went to post a letter to Elaine. Then, seeing that we still had time to spare, we went for a hazelnut latte at Coffee Bean:

The plane ride was quite short, 2 hours or less. It seemed short maybe cos of Mom’s incessant talking. Haha. Oops. But it kills time to gossip and chat and whatever. Hehe.

We landed at Surabaya airport, but I didn’t take any pics cos it was real messy, and so crowded! Urgh. We had to wade through the sea of humans to get to Dad and his driver. Then we drove to the mall near Daddy’s place – Supermal.

Went there to get groceries cos Daddy’s fridge is like, empty. Haha.

Hypermart, which is like, NTUC.

The camel looks so funny! Haha!

Upclose shot of the funny camel

Hahaha. Damn funny looking!

These animal toys are all the rage here. It looks even weirder than the camel, I tell ya! It has like, robotic legs which can actually walk! Hahahaha! I think only me and Lis would find it funny. Hehe.

We find the weirdest things funny. Haha.

Elaine, this is for you. Hahahaha!

Sorry, private family joke. Haha!

And my favourite harumanis mango! Oooh! I love!

Baby, I’m bringing some home for you!

Then we went home, and Mom cooked up a whole meal in like, 30 minutes. Smarty Mommy. Haha. I just went exploring in Dad’s apartment (Kondominium Graha Famili, Surabaya – Graha Famili is like a really nice residential area. It has the condominiums, and really nice houses too. Shall take some pics of the houses during my morning walk tomorrow). Dad’s apartment is so cozy, and I love it!

Here’s a pic of my room:

After dinner, we sat around and chatted, watched some TV, listened to some music, then went to bed early. The sun rises early here, so we’ll be up early everyday!

Day 2. Friday. Woke up and took some pics of the other parts of the apartment!

My parents’ room

Walk-in wardrobe! Wah lao, I also want.

The dining area

The living room

I love the wallpaper in this house! Gives a really warm feeling to the place.

The small tiny kitchen. Behind is the maid’s room.

Orh ya, I just remembered that I was involuntarily woken up at 6am the next day by the maid. She was quite shocked to come into the room and see me, cos that room is always empty. Haha! Then she went, “Ohh! Maaf, Nona! Nggak tau Non di sini. Maaf maaf! Err, Non uda mau makan?” (Oh, sorry, Miss, I didn’t know you’re here! Sorry sorry! Err, do you want to eat already?) Haha. Then I was like, “5 menit, 5 menit…” And I intended to go back to sleep again then she was like, “Tapi uda siang!” (But it’s already bright!) So I woke up, cos I thought her meaning of siang is noon (it can mean bright/late or noon). But I realised later that it was 6am. WTH. But it’s really bright here by 5am, man.

Oops, sorry I sidetracked. Here’s the pool view from our balcony.

And later I went downstairs for a swim

This is the, umm, view from one of the balconies.

After lunch, Mommy and I went out to Supermal to shop! This pic was taken while we were waiting for a cab at our condo lobby:

Abit unglam. Nevermind. Haha!

Oh, btw! Cabs here are like, super cheap. We called for one, cos lazy to wait outside, and what are the chances of getting one anyway? The mall is very near our house, maybe about 2km away, but the total cost of the cab ride was a total of Rp 8,000, which is like, SGD 1.50! Inclusive of booking fee! Hear this, Singapore cab companies?! Shame on you for charging SGD 4.00 for booking! Bah!

To rectify that unglamness in the previous photo, here’s a nicer pic of me.

We shopped for like, 5 hours straight! Haha. Then we had to wait for Dad to come and pick us up on his way home! Haha.

Mom doesn’t really like to take photos. Hehe. But I like!

While waiting, got abit hungry, so went to buy something from Bread Talk! Yup, the Bread Talk franchise has arrived on the shores of Indonesia! Haha.

This was like, Rp 6,000 or SGD 1.10. Cheap, right?

Anyway, we were waiting on the steps in front of the mall, cos our legs were so so so tired from the 5 hours of shopping! Hehe.

The mall is quite new, and looks quite posh.

Then Daddy arrived, and we hopped onto his car, and chattered happily about our new acquisitions. Hehehehe. Dad was happy that we were happy. Went home, Mom cooked dinner again (I simply adore Mom’s cooking, Yums! Baby, you love it too, don’t you? Hehe!) and then we watched tv and went to bed again (same routine). Haha.

Oh ya. I took pics of my stuff! Haha. The pics are taken simply, cos I’m too lazy to put them on and take a pic using a full length mirror (it’s in the dining hall) and my parents would find it weird if I changed in my bedroom, and ran out every 2 minutes in different clothes, to  take pics of myself in the full length mirror. Haha.

Top with funky prints and sleeves

Rp 80, 000 ~ SGD 14.00

Off-shoulder green top

Rp 26,000 ~ SGD 4.50

Blazer for work

Rp 60,000 ~ SGD 11

Wrap-around collared pink shirt

Rp 35,000 ~ SGD 6.50

Formal skirt, slightly flared

Rp 35,000 ~ SGD 6.50

Pretty dolly shoes

Rp 109,000 ~ SGD 19.90

I love the comfy feeling of the shoes, and also the insides!

Prettaye! But this one no discount. Hehe!

Ridiculously cheap huh? There’s lots of sales going on lah. But it’s nuts, these prices. Even without sales it’s already cheap! I simply love shopping here!

Day 3. Saturday. Dad’s supposed to be on holiday already, but he had to go for a day business trip to Jakarta. So he flew there early in the morning, and back again in the evening. Hehe. So Mommy and I went to Carrefour for lots of grocery shopping! Hehe. Loads of food in Dad’s fridge now. Hehe.

Oh yeah, I bought this before I went home. Rotiboy!

Haha. Glad to see that our Malaysian bread didn’t lose out to the Singapore bread. Hahahaha. Anyway, it was my first time tasting Rotiboy. Amazing huh, I didn’t try it in Malaysia, my home country, and where this thing originated, but rather, in a foreign land! Haha.

Went home, and went for a swim in the later part of the afternoon when it was less sunny. Then Mummy went to the airport with the driver to pick Daddy up. Then, you know. Dinner, TV, sleep. Haha!

Today’s Carrefour acquisitions from the cosmetics section:

Cream blusher: Rp 51,000 ~ SGD 9.00
Foundation refill: Rp 55,000 ~ SGD 10.00

Cosmetics here are damn cheap! Lis asked me to get her Maybelline mascara, so I did. Hehe. But I couldn’t get XY‘s ZA foundation powder. Sorry babe, they don’t seem to carry ZA stuff here. Don’t know why!

Day 4. Sunday. Woke up at 5am to leave the house at 5.30am for our morning walk-and-jog. Man, this kills. Lol. I never wake up so early, you know? But I enjoyed it nevertheless.

We came home famished after our 1-hour exercise, then had a yummy breakfast of pancakes (in moderation of course), then I took a short nap (Haha, of course) and then we had lunch, and then we went out shopping again! Haha.

This time, we went to Tunjungan Plaza, the biggest mall in Surabaya.

This is just a random pic I took in one of the buildings. The mall has about 5 buildings I think, all interlinked underground.

I didn’t buy anything today, except Lis’ cosmetics, and something for BB. Mom bought some more clothes! Haha. It’s so fun shopping with Mom cos she just goes nuts over sales! Hehe. The departmental store here in Indo (Matahari) is like really really good. The clothes are of good quality, there’s a wide selection to cater to different tastes (young, dawdy, formal, traumatising. Everything!) and they are real cheap, especially when the sales are on! It’s like, if you think of shopping in Bangkok, but you go to Chatuchak and the quality isn’t really that good, though it’s cheap, might as well come here lah! Cheap, and good! A word of warning before all of you rush off to book your JetStar airtickets here, it’s better if you come here with someone who is familiar with the area, and who has a place to stay here, cos it can be quite troublesome otherwise. Hahaha.

Daddy got tired after only a while. And we didn’t buy much stuff, just to come here to take a look cos the place is huge. But the stuff here are like, more upmarket (Gucci, Prada, Mont Blanc, and the likes) which is obviously unaffordable for me. Haha. That explains why I bought less things. There’s also a Sogo departmental store here.

So we went to Starbucks to rest our feet and get coffee.

Daddy and Mommy

Daddy in a serious discussion with Mommy about prices of things here

According to Dad, although the conversion of the price of a mug of Caramel Macchiato at Starbucks is roughly equal to the price in Singapore or Malaysia, it’s still considered really expensive here, cos of the inequality in salaries between the 3 countries. The salaries here are really low, for those lower in the ranks, but really really high for the minority affluent bastards people.

Okay, here’s me and my handsome Daddy

After we took this pic, he looked at it and went, “What?! I’m so old?! What are all these wrinkles! You better Photoshop it away!” Haha. My Daddy’s still cool lah. 🙂

Then we went home, and I slept again? Hahaha! So funny. Nothing much to do here except to shop and relax and rest. Tai-tai lifestyle. I like!

Woke up around 4pm, and went for my swim. But before that, I got some snapshots of the sunset! So gorgeous! Yes, sunset is at 4pm here.

Swam for about an hour, then started taking pics of the poolside area and the surroundings. Abit dark, by then, but nevermind!

The pool at our block

Oh, this was taken before my swim

And this was after

Quite dark.

Our block, from the pool side

The corridor near the lobby

The lobby/reception. Oh yeah, they have receptionists here all day!

Till around 9pm anyway. Haha. But so cool. Hehe.

Day 5. Monday. Today is our stay-home day, relax-and-sleep-lots day, and rest-our-feet day. Unfortunately, also the day that my internet connection decided to screw up. Bah.

All the four blocks here are wired up with wireless internet connection, F.O.C.! Haha. How funky is that. But the network can go haywire sometimes. Or maybe it’s just my computer. Bleah.

So I slept alot, watched alot of TV, and listened to music with my parents.

Managed to take lots of pics from our balconies. The surrounding areas are really nice. There’s an 18-hole golf course (or are there two golf courses?) and gargantuan houses. Just look at this:

Part of the golf course

The block opposite ours

Umm, the gargantuan house again

I love clouds. (Doesn’t come with the house. Haha!)

The umm, guardhouse? It’s tiny. Can you see it?

There’s a roundabout thingie which actually leads to the basement carpark. The four blocks are actually linked through the basement so it’s just one gigantic carpark to get lost in. Haha!

And this is another block, haha.

Then there’s like nothing else much to take pics of, so I decided to take pics of some random things in the house. Haha.

The aqua dispenser

Over here, everyone drinks Aqua mineral water, cos the water from the tap is not potable at all. It’s kinda yellowish sometimes. You could drink it, I guess. If you want to die of poisoning, or over-dose of minerals and dissolved metals. Eww. Bleah. Oh, some extreme cases I’ve heard about really rich bastards really paranoid people: They actually use Aqua to bathe and for the women, to wash their faces!

I can’t be bothered. Haha!

This is our favourite past time when we are at home – watching TV. So this is where we spend alot of our time at home! Hahaha.

Love the comfy couch. I always fall asleep here!

Some shots of, umm, night scenery (kinda grainy):

Light pollution’s quite bad here, too, huh?

And the pool, by night.

Oh, this thing. It’s grown on me, though I didn’t really like it when I first saw it hanging in my bedroom:

Quite pretty to me, now.

Day 6. Tuesday. aka last day in Surabaya! Boo hoo. I wanna live here always! Bleah.

Woke up pretty early, walk, jog, light breakfast, TV, lunch, then got ready to go out. We went to Supermal again today. Dad drove today, cos the driver’s off duty since it’s a public festival. He went home to his village which is like a 3 hour bus ride away, so Dad’s the driver for now! Haha.

 Me, in the car

I’m wearing the off-shoulder top I bought on Saturday! Nice? Hehe!

And me again, camwhoring outside the fitting room at Matahari cos I think I look good today. Haha. I love the combi of the top with the denim shorts and the huge bag with gold finishing.

Anyway, there were really huge sales today, cos of the Lebaran festival here. I got some presents. And of course, we got some really good buys for ourselves. There was a 75% sale at Matahari!

Mommy and I just went totally crazy. Haha.

See how happy Mommy looks. Haha.

We went to Hypermart to shop for fruits after we were done conquering the sales

Have you seen fishes at the supermarket arranged like this?

So cute hor! The people working there also damn free hor! Haha.

Then we went home, and Mom prepared dinner. I took some pics of the stuff I bought this afternoon.

This bag is for Yu. Cute, right?

Price not to be disclosed. Haha.

And I got something for Huey also, but can’t post the pic yet cos Huey reads.
(image placeholder)

Don’t be shocked by the prices of the following items. They were on 75% discount!

Office-wear skirt

Rp 17,000 ~ SGD 3.10

Black sleeveless collared shirt

Rp 14,000 ~ SGD 2.50

3/4 sleeve, round neck top, with lace

Rp 15,000 ~ SGD 2.70
I love this top, btw. It’s really really flattering. Heh.

And this too. White top. No discount, but still cheap.

Rp 50,000 ~ SGD 9.00
Love the material of the top, the cut, the sleeves. Haha.

Mom had some great buys as well. Dad too. So everyone’s happy!

After dinner, we decided to go back to the Mall and shop some more! Hahaha! Yes, I know, it’s really crazy. Haha. It’s like, shop, recharge, shop!

Here are pics of the buys from the 2nd round (after dinner):

Work shirt, with belt.

Rp 22,000 ~ SGD 4.00

Pink top with embroidered floral collar

Rp 15,000 ~ SGD 2.70

Dark brown casual khaki shorts

Rp 20,000 ~ SGD 3.60
Looks plain, but I love it. There’s some embroidery on the back.

Isn’t it crazy, these prices? I love shopping here!

I have decided that this is my new favouritest holiday destination (yes it beats Tioman, cos after 3 times, it’s nothing new anymore. Though I would still love to go again and again and again!). But this place, this place is absolutely great!

I mean, think about it. Free accomodation (Dad’s apartment), free transport (there’s a driver and car at my disposal), home-cooked meals (Mom would most likely be here with me) and crazily cheap shopping! Woo hoo! This place rocks. Love it!

The only thing I’m not so crazy about is the weather. It’s absolutely horrible. You have to switch on the aircon when you’re indoors, cos the heat is so suffocating. It’s a damned desert (well, it seems like it) out here. It’s dry and hot. Singapore is humid and hot. I can’t decide which is worse.

But I’ve not had a single day of overcast skies or rain while I’m here. Bahh.

Anyway. Today’s my last day here. I’ll be going home tomorrow evening on the 5.45pm flight (Surabaya time). Boo. I don’t wanna go home, and don’t wanna go to work on Thursday morning! Bleah. Sucks. I want to holiday here and stay with my parents.

It’s been a dream holiday for me (I’m like the only child here, hehe) and I’m totally refreshed and rested now. So I guess I have to go back to work no matter what. Bleah.

Better go to bed now. Gotta be up early to go out with parents again for our early walk and jog. More updates with pics of beautiful houses in this district when I get back to Singapore!

P.S. Miss you, Baby!


  1. What you bought for me? What what?

    You all really know how to shop siah… Poor uncle have to follow you two around. Told you liao guys are not good at walking in shops.

    Told you how many times, -2ev while taking photo at night, so won’t be so grainy, and the lights won’t be so bright.

    Hmm I like hot and dry, it’s more like the weather in Beijing. Dry weather make you drink more water too.

    Miss you baby, see you tomorrow!

  2. so fun!! haha.. shopping there damn cheap lah.. i think girls will go crazy over there.. hahaha.. and your dad’s apartment + surrounding area is nice.. hehe..

  3. daphne… while u’re in indonesia… and if u have the time… do look for the culprits of the haze and tell them that on behalf of all their neighbours (malaysians n singaporeans)… “F*** YOU”!!!

  4. wow so enjoyable for u, and your home sooo nice~ And ROTIBOY!! AWWWW…. miss it so much.. don see it anymore in sg.. last time must have 1 or 2 everyday during attachment..

    for starbucks i dono.. i mean other than labour costs, how’re the tariffs for imported stuffs (machine, bean), internal transport costs (incl no. of procedures/transactions, time, efforts needed to control quality), inflation rate ave 9.1% (which affects wage rate, rent, purchase price, transport costs), cost of storage for beans (which is high tech to preserve freshness, is it available nearby or centralised in jakarta), any other risks involved (american company) etc.. i dono how the hike in oil price (which affects inflation rate, transport cost, storage cost) affects Indonesia differently from SG and MY.. it’s interesting to explore this case, see how business-friendly the environment is, and to improve it.. do u know abt the price of McD?

  5. BB: When u see me thn u will know lor. Haha. … Yah la. -2ev. My HP so hi tech, can do that. Its 802sh, not D80 ok.

    Cal: this is the haven for girls. hahaha.

    Boss: no time liao.. i’m flying back to SG tonite. SIAN.

    Xiaoluo: my home not that nice lor. watch the next entry for REALLY NICE homes. hehe. n rotiboy is yummy. i wanna eat again hehe. and your point about starbucks, when i free then i read lar huh. i lazy to think now. HAHAHAHA.

  6. xiaoluo is mad… that happened to me too when I first started learning economics.

    btw 802sh can change exposure compensation k, go check out the functions, i know my phone well.

    i tot there’s rotiboy in sg? or is it rotimom? IMM got one, china town last time also got, now not sure…

  7. ay! i thought u don like going for shopping vacation? tt time i ask u go thailand or smthg…then u don want…u said you prefer to go see scenery! hmph. ah well but i think i cannot shop with you also lah. too girly….yucks all the frilly tops…they look uncomfy and tight…especially that green off shoulder top with the ruffled fabric…yuck! i’d never wear that

  8. haha but the main point of going there was to spend time with my parents.. not shop. lol. shopping was a sideline. n its different if u have to pay to go to shop. i dint pay, i jus went to shop. hahahahaha.
    over there, shopping = spending time with my mom. hahaha

  9. oi babe!! welcome back!
    looks like u had fun. hehe. lets go shopping soon!!

  10. I noticed that u keep using the word “acquisition”. Is that a way to make urself feel better? Could it probably be because u were maintaining a cap on the word “shopping”? haha…just a little observation…can i share the mangoes with cy?

  11. no elise, no more shopping for her!

    orh she got so much cloths already…

  12. OH GOSH, the amount of shopping!!! i didn’t know surabaya is so modern! my former maid lives there, she has been urging us to go visit. maybe i will, one of these days. 🙂 i could live there! i had horrible pre(mis)conceptions of the place. eeeks. hehehe. i want to go holidayyyyy!!!!

  13. oh yeah, and the house is fabulous.

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