Posted by: incywincy | October 19, 2006

Off Again!

Yeah, I’m off, baybeh! I am off to Indonesia to be with my parents for a whole week! Haha. Sorry for not blogging for the past few days after my exam. Just didn’t feel like it.

For those who want to know where I’m going to, click >>>here!<<< And click on the Jawa island on the map! Now look for a red dot called Surabaya and click on it! Then click on the red dot called Surabaya again!

Whoops. Page under construction. Hehe! But at least you learnt abit of Indonesian geography today, right?

Tee hee hee!

Will try to blog with lots of pics, if I can. Haha. Otherwise, I’ll load up a gazillion pics when I get back!

I’m gonna miss everyone especially my BB and all my darlings whom I talk to regularly, like Calyn and Linda, Elise and XY, Huey and Yu (how come all my friends come in pairs? Lol), and Gerald (haha), and my blog, and my Romeo, and all the people out there who will miss me? Heehee!

Have a good week you all.

Happy Deepavali / Diwali to all my Indian friends!
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri / Selamat Lebaran to all of my Malay and Indonesian friends!

Love lots!


  1. Hey there, it sure was a surprise to receive a tag from you on my blog! I don’t know if you are on your way to Indonesia yet… Have loads of fun there!

    Ps: I just realised that I’ve come across your blog when I was randomly clicking on mikeller’s friends’ blog. lol….

  2. hey babe.. have fun!! i shall miss u as well! bring food back hor. hahahhahaa

  3. Heya.. have fun.. wish i can oso jz fly off somewer rite now… looking fwd to ur pics!..

  4. i expect a picture heavy post when u come back from ur trip ok daphne?

  5. latest update, Daph is happy shopping in Indonesia.

    according to her things are soooo cheap there.

  6. are u trying to escape your housemate’s birthday… haha..

  7. today is HH’s b’day?

  8. ya 🙂

  9. no wonder he smells a bit alcoholic, haha!

  10. he drank alone in the coffee shop.. pity pity… he looks more and more like 1 of the chinatown folks liao, assimilated well into the local culture..

  11. hello everybardeee! hehe. i m happily shopping n relaxing here.. its all great. i will blog when i can, cos right now i cant seem to upload photos at all. dunno wats the problem. maybe network to slow. wat to do.. indonesia no broadband, only narrowband. hahaha.

    ok no im kidding. the place im staying at is wireless enabled. the whole four blocks here are all linked by wireless, n they even haf intranet kinda thing for file sharing etc. haha. how cool is that huh!

    ok im going out to shop more now! haha.. updates soon!~

  12. “…. the whole four blocks here are all linked by wireless, …….”

    you mean instead of walking over, you can go to other blocks through wireless network? @.@

  13. Happy Shopping! Make sure u check ur goods carefully though…

  14. thx ar bb. i jus love how u pick at my vagueness. bleh.

    gerald.. haha i always chk my things before i buy. anyway its nt like i buy super ex stuff.. jus clothes n make up n stuff.. hehe.

  15. i miss singnet btw. tho it sucks too. sometimes.

  16. it’s not singnet, it’s your linksys router.

    this model WRT54G version 5 is the lousiest rated router produced by linksys, because from version 5 onwards they changed the chip and reduced the buffer so to compensate the higher cost of the new chip. the router always hang…

  17. thanks bb for picking your bb’s blur-ness..

    it juz reminds me of Hsien Yang’s whereabout after SingTel

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