Posted by: incywincy | October 16, 2006

8 hours

8 hours to the end of my misery.

8 hours before I say bye-bye to my favourite subject, which has become a horror for me in the last 48 hours. 8 hours before I am done with Productivity Management!

Seriously, I loved this subject. But studying for the exam has been a real pain in the ass, because this is one of those subjects where the more you read, the more you know, the more confused you get. Vincent (lecturer) was right after all.

Sigh. I feel inadequate. Like I’m not fully prepared for the exam. I can kiss my A goodbye for this paper.

Anyway. I’m looking forward to after-exam dinner with Serene (my youngest sis) and Lik (her bf) at Bugis, and later, coming home to chill with my darling Piggy and watch Click. After rave reviews by my sister Elaine, I just had to download it. Hehe. I just started using LimeWire yesterday (yes, I know I’m slow, but prior to this I’ve just been too lazy to download anything).

No one’s gonna believe me when I say this: I started using LimeWire cos I desperately wanted to download the movie SouthPark 1008: Make Love Not Warcraft.

Haha! It’s such a brilliant episode. I’ve watched several others, but this really takes the house down with all the jabs it makes at the stupid game. I don’t enjoy watching SouthPark, but this really made me laugh.

Thanks to BB and Gerald for the tip. Haha. If you wanna watch it, it’s here or here. Or you can get it from me tonight! Tee hee hee!

Okay, more geek stuff: Digg. There are some great/good/stupid articles here, if you like such stuff. Haha. This website keeps me entertained for ages. Thanks to Uzyn.

And! Major site-plug of the day/month/year/century: Get more hits to your blog by ping-ing ok! Ping! Ping! Ping! (Uzyn, sorry this is late, but I’m always not blogging when I’m reading. So today it’s all here! Haha)

And then, for all the other non-geek people, get lots of freebies here! Click on the link on the left bar that says ‘Contests’ (Non-geeks can participate too, hehe!) They have lots of cool stuff to read, check out, whatever. Movies, places to go, music, blogs, books, food, sports, anything. Yeah, so go. Go go go! If anyone wins anything, please let me know (so I can demand for some royalties). Haha.

Okay, the reason I’m doing this is so that I can take cab to work instead of the MRT. But cabs have morning peak hour charges of $2 plus ERP till 9.30am at my area. So I’m just waiting the moments out before I can go down and hop on a cab. Haha! I’m too lazy to take the train today. I’ve been up studying, you know.

Okay, ciaos amigos. Au revoir mes amies. Till tonight.


  1. is that the WoW episode of southpark?

    lol it was hilarious!

  2. Hey Daphne, thanks for the mention.

    Good luck for your exams tonight. You’ll owe me a treat if you get an A. I know you would, so you’ve owed me a treat.

  3. Tat’s the only southpark episode i watched and it was crazily funny!!


    Thanks for posting up the UrbanWire link.

    I’m gonna spam your tagboard.


    Hehe. Don’t hate me.

    See you for dinner on Weds, since we couldn’t make Monday. Bring the stuff hor-kay!

  5. Boss and Kerk: Hehe. I know. I watched it obsessively for like 3 times! Haha… And I laughed aloud each and every time.

    Uzyn: Heh. If you’re free I would love to treat you man. But why is everyone always too busy to eat wiht me huh?

    Serene: Spam all you want. Haha. Everyone else, please do check out UrbanWire! Hehe. Okay, see you on Weds.

  6. hey daph. hope it all turned out okay though didnt hear from you. 🙂 on another note, recall professor sim wai chew? tis was what he posted to ppl taking his module:

    Hi everyone,

    A couple of students asked a few weeks ago if I could post the paper that I gave at our recent conference on Edventure. After due consideration, I’ve decided that it’s basically work-in-progress, and that I prefer to keep it underwraps till later. However, “by popular demand,” here’s a story that I wrote for a website called JulieMango. The title is “Six Degrees of Separation.” I hope reading a story can be more enjoyable than reading some boring academic paper. 🙂 Please note that I will only accept kudos for this story and no brickbats. You can criticise my academic work till the cows come home but if you criticise my creative work I won’t friend you again. On a more serious note, I know a few of you are creative writers. Creative writing is a lonely, solitary vocation. I hope the story convinces you that what you do is very very important. Singapore needs artists more than anything else. Please keep plugging away. We need you!

    isnt it hilarious? haha.

  7. Wah incywincy, treat me for what? Sure. Can go out for dinner. I’m not that busy lah. 🙂

  8. cool i’ll check out the SP video some time. SP rocks. i wish they did LOST, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES….spoofs of any shows that i like!

    anyway ah yeah exams are stressful. datelines are stressful. you put too much stress on yourself, especially if you’re perfectionistic like me. eerm. ok bye have fun babe.

  9. but dont use stupid limewireeeee! ok im high. bye

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