Posted by: incywincy | October 13, 2006

A Rojak Entry

Maybe I felt more stressed about the exam than I let myself appear. Maybe I just like to appear brave and confident and prepared. Actually I wasn’t that prepared. Though I tried. But still, I felt really really stressed out deep inside. Hmm. Well, the exam went well, and I’m glad.

After work today, I decided to take bus 197 back to Chinatown. It stopped at the road adjacent to Temple Street, so I got off and walked through those narrow alleys full of stalls hawking touristy souvenirs, finger food, and other little knick-knacks. It was fun being there alone.

Some ang-moh tourist-looking guys smiled at me; maybe because I seemed lost and alone. 

I went to Erich’s Wuerstelstand again. Bought a pork sausage and had that for dinner. I stopped at the roadside for about 10 minutes to watch some Chinese acrobatic kids. I gave them $2. Well, they kept me entertained for 10 minutes.

The Mid Autumn Festival lights are still on, at Chinatown.

Not a very good picture. Not a good picture at all, in fact. But the lights are pretty.

After that, I headed over the New Bridge Road branch of Japan Home store, and bought a hot pink dustpan-and-brush set($1.90) to sweep up the bedding that pig kicks out of his cage (when he is damn excited – which is actually, all the time – and running round and round the cage). Also bought some plastic drinking cups for the office.

By the way, pig’s got a new cage.

Then I was walking home, and I walked past a huge huge huge huge This Fashion outlet. Yes, I shop at This Fashion. Haha. They have nice work clothes. And cheap too. So I started shopping (bad idea).

Today’s buys:

Total damage: undisclosed / secret!

BB don’t scold me! It’s all work clothes, practical clothes! Besides, I was stressed. Really stressed. Exam, you know. Oops. Hehe. -smiles sheepishly-

Last Saturday, I met up with Calyn, Linda, Regan and Andy, together with BB. We forgot to take pictures. Anyway, we had lunch at Sakae Sushi, at Harbourfront. I thought that Harbourfront would be empty, cos everyone would be at the new Vivocity. Or so I thought. But nope, I thought wrong.

Calyn, resident of Harbourfront, says that she’s never seen the mall that crowded before! Haha.

After we had lunch, I took this picture of Andy and Regan. Isn’t it so adorable?

Regan is exactly half his Daddy’s height! Haha!

It was really fun meeting up with them, though I think the guys were abit bored. Linda and I just yakked and yakked and yakked. BB joined in abit, and Andy too. Calyn helped us babysit Regan, who was more interested in his PSP (until it died, then I lent him my HP to play Dragon Island) Haha.

Afterwards, I went to Citylink Mall to meet Huey and Yu! Yay. We’d been planning this gathering for a really long time, and I’m glad we could all make it in the end. My girls rock. Hehe.

We’d decided beforehand, to meet at New York New York. It was my first time there, and though I’ve heard not-so-great reviews about it, I decided to go with a clean slate and try it out for myself!

The menu

The interior. I like the green couches. The color makes me happy.

Their huge wallpaper of a view of New York City

My iced coffee.

Looks like teh-peng. Haha.

Fork and knife (and serviette)

I like their logo.

Waited and waited and waited. Then finally Huey arrived!

My dearest cherished friend, Huey.

And then Yu came (really really late!)

But it’s okay, she brought us presents from Alaska!
I didn’t want to take this pic. Huey made me! Haha.

My darling Yu.

Told you I like the logo. Haha.

And the three of us!

And another one, taken by one of the waitresses.

And my two dear friends together.


After dinner, we went shopping for my stuff. Basically, I wanted to buy something for BB’s mom. But I didn’t know what to get her. So in the end, the girls and I decided that it would be nice if I got her a photoholder, and put a photo of inside, of me and BB. Actually we wanted to put a pic of me, BB and his Mom. But I didn’t have one and it would be too troublesome to go print one on the day of the dinner itself.

After I decided on the photoholder, I decided that I want to put it in a wrapper, a very specific kind. So off we traipsed to Raffles City. Finally found it, and only after Huey had lugged her huge heavy bag all over CityHall so that they could accompany me. Haha. I’m sorry, Babe! I love you even more for that, though! Hehe.

Then we all went home. I went home to get my stuff, then headed down to Justin’s place cos BB was there!

And Romeo piggy too! Hehe. And Romeo’s new friend, Beckham! Haha. Presenting to you, Romeo and Beckham!

Justin thought it would be funny to name him Beckham (though gender is unknown as yet cos he is too young), so that Romeo (the bigger one) would be the son of Beckham (the smaller one).

If you didn’t know, David Beckham (the footballer, not the pig) named his son Romeo (also not the pig). Haha.

This is Romeo’s cage. It’s pink in colour! Pretty pretty.

The thing on the left of the cage is Romeo’s carrier. Haha.

Justin has many pink things in his room. Sorry. Let me correct that. He has many pink and many Hello Kitty things in his room! Look here!

Pink Hello Kitty whiteboard

Hello Kitty tissue roll holder

Pink wallet

Oh. Oops. That’s mine. Haha!

And Sadako.

Okay, actually that’s Romeo’s ass. Haha!

I finally met BB’s Mom on Sunday evening, for dinner. It really meant alot to me, to meet her finally. She was really really super nice to me. She even bought me a present! I didn’t get to give her my present to her on that day itself, but I brought it to NTU for her the next day (before she left to go back to Beijing). Anyway, we had dinner, and then BB and I accompanied her to shop around abit. We also visited a friend of hers who was working at Taka. It was very heartwarming. Then we had ice cream. We sat at the fountain outside Taka, sharing our ice cream. It was a nice feeling – sweet and warm. Made me miss my own Mummy and Daddy very much!

I don’t know why I was so terrified of meeting her at first. I guess it’s because she’s a professor (she teaches Organizational Behaviour!) and she speaks mainly Chinese, and I don’t speak Chinese that well at all. At times, when she asked me something, I had to ask BB to translate for me. But she didn’t seem to mind that her son’s GF couldn’t really speak her language.

We talked about my family, my school, my work, and other stuff. After awhile, she didn’t seem so intimidating anymore. She was really warm and nice.

The next day, after work, I went to NTU to meet BB, and to pass her the present. Also went over to meet Sherwe to sort out some things (more on this another day). I felt quite sad that I only knew BB’s mom for a day. We said goodbye to her at the Nanyang Executive Centre, where she was staying. She went to the airport in the bus that was chartered for the eMBA students.

Ok! Study time! Enough blogging, hehehe! Baby, study hard too, kay? Love you!


  1. Dear, to take photo at night right, you shoud adjust your phone camera to -2ev. Hur hur…

  2. har. nvm lah! whatever. i dunno y u use tis phone n tk pics so nice but i tk the pics all so bleh. but nvm! im happier with this phone than i was with the mitsubishi phone hahahahah.

    n u nvr say that u love me back.

  3. erm, must say everytime arh? haha, ok i luv u.

    btw ur phone is still in my wardrobe.

  4. eh babe! i like the pants and the shirts!! aiyaaa when are u meeting me MANNNNN. grrrrrrr.
    anyway why does justin like hello kitty. justin if u are reading this.. -.-

    i feel so happy for u! im so glad u and CY’s mom are getting along well.. which reminds me. i haven t had the chance to meet CY yet.. im in hall 10 now!

    miss ya babe!

  5. eh wait. the justin u talking abt is it the PJC justin??!! if its not sorrie. hehehehehe

  6. i can meet u.. on 16 or 17 or 18
    hahaha. =)
    after that im going to indonesiaaaa!

    anyways. justin’s hello kitty things are actually from the previous tenant who lived there la hahahahaha. they’re not reali his. lol.

  7. this justin is not that justin, hur hur.

    erm elise, how come u r in hall 10 arh?

  8. btw the guy in the photo is justin lah…

  9. hello CY!
    tts cos my darling lives in Hall 10 also!! HAHAHAH!!

  10. hola!

  11. elise: ur darling? me? 🙂 no lah, i only stay here sometimes. most of the time i stay in chinatown.


  12. man, i’m so outdated about your blog! btw, i think romeo’s face looks like it’s upside down. O that day i saw your boyfriend in ntu n i excitedly look around for you (reflex action) but he was alone! O WELL. 🙂

  13. heehee.. i think he wil b quite hurt to hear that he got a terbalik face. hahaha.

    n ya i tink everyone is recognizing my bf n my frens frm the pics on my blog. lol. =) heh i wont b around in ntu in the day time one lar. nite time, sometimes, n wkends, maybe. heh.

    i miss u leh.

  14. 2 weekdays and 5 weekend days? is it some strange coincidence or was it from mine?? hahaha.

  15. yea its urs lah. i said i read it from a friend’s blog mah. haha. anyway. is this ur first time leaving a msg here?! hahaha.

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