Posted by: incywincy | October 12, 2006

I Am Irritated

People who read this space regularly will know that I cannot stand stupid people. So is it heaven’s joke by planting a stupid girl right next to me in the office?

Stupid incident 1: She placed a stack of documents, stapled, into the copier’s manual feed. Then when the papers all got stuck in the feeder, she asked me why is that so.

Stupid incident 2: She unplugged the office modem so that she can plug in her mobile phone charger. Suddenly, 7 other people in the office asked, “Hey, what happened to the network?”

Stupid incident 3: She was using the office cordless phone (actually it belongs to the directors) yakking to her friend, then suddenly she asked, “Eh? Why is the phone off?” Well, smart girl, cordless phones run on batteries.

– – – – – – – – – – –

It feels weird to be back in the office after yesterday’s exam. Somehow, I feel that I should be on a holiday instead. The exam yesterday went pretty well. Now I gotta worry about Productivity Management. It’s by far a much more difficult subject that Organizational Behaviour. So I gotta buck up. BB built a new cage for Romeo yesterday, so head on over to his blog to see it! 🙂 Leave comments please! Hehe.


  1. my question is:……IS SHE PRETTY?……

  2. well i dont think she is lar. but she thinks she is.
    she got long bleached hair
    her face is like ghost.. she put too much powder, n the powder is too light for her skin tone.
    her face is quite round, eyes quite small
    she speaks very loudly but try to act ‘shu nu’…
    n every of her sentence contains the word ‘cock’ which makes me think she is dying to have one. yep.

  3. ‘cock’ is pronounced in english or mandarin?

  4. english lar. but she got say other mandarin / hokkien vulgarities also. so rude lah she. n she like to say all those things loud loud in the office. so unprofessional!

    u know.. ppl at my office always talk behind her back n say she behave like prostitute.. ha. she wil stand downstairs outside our office building.. with her legs parted.. n in that kinda pose.. n stand there smoking. reali reali reali ugly man…

  5. Eh, why you say she wants a male chicken ya? Go get her one from pasar la.. *dodges incywincy’s claws of terror*

  6. stupid ppl are exporters of heart attack to those around them..

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