Posted by: incywincy | October 11, 2006

Mushy Declarations

Although I said that I wouldn’t blog because of OB exam, here I am, dropping another few lines in my desperation to break out of the boredom that is overwhelming my brain and hindering my ability to absorb more information!

Anyway. I just want to declare that…

I love my BB Zhang Chaoyi! Hehe. I just dropped him an MSN message (though he is happily snoring away in lala-land in the deep jungles of NTU), saying that I love him. I’ve got so much love for him that it’s overflowing and I have no where to contain it!

Haha. Okay, super mushy.

I can’t wait to meet up again. The weekdays are simply too long to be bearable. And the weekends are too short before we are once again separated. I read this from a friend’s blog: Why can’t there be 2 weekdays and 5 weekends instead? That way, the whole world would be happier, and people would stop bombing one another or developing weapons to kill one another, and the haze would disappear.

Okay, the last part is irrelevant and just nonsensical. Haha.

10 hours to go. 加油! Step on it! Ganbatte! Aza aza! HA.


  1. wahhhhh once get up, got this

  2. wahhhhh once get up, got this MUSHY SHOCK… shiver runs down my spine.. don need coffee to stay awake le…

    u r as ROUMA as uzyn k.. *shiver*

  3. hahahahahahahahhahahaaha…
    good mah like that. right? hahahahaha.
    natural caffeine. u shd come n read more often.
    i write more mushy things ok.. jus for u la hahahaha!!

  4. i feel that way a lot too. there’s so much love i don’t know how to express it to him. i can’t have sex, so i BITE him instead!!! HAHAHAHAH.

  5. Hahahaha. good idea. i shall bite him (more) often from now on! hahahahaha.

    BB, i love you, so much so much, so I’ll bite you! Hehe.

    It’s so wonderful that after being together for so many years, you still feel that way about him. I’m envious. I hope this will be the way it is now (or more) for the rest of ur lives! and I hope that it is for me too! 🙂

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