Posted by: incywincy | October 7, 2006

I miss my pig

It’s a nice and fresh Saturday morning. Why am I at work? *sigh* Feeling quite retarded, cos every Saturday I come here, to surf the net, MSN, and just answer some phone calls.

Wish I could snuggle in bed longer with BB but he kicked me off the bed just now. So that I would get up and go to work. Bleh. Meanie.

Pig is still at home with BB now. Hee hee. I miss him. The pig. And BB.

Last night I bathed piggy and we went to BB’s place. We took the MRT! It was a traumatising experience for him I think. Haha. I thought that taking a bus would be a sensory overload for him, so we took a cab from Boon Lay instead.

Anyway. Later I’m going out for lunch with BB, Calyn, Linda, Regan and Andy. And dinner with Huey and Yu. Yay!


  1. i think pets are not allowed on the mrt leh….dun get caught..

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