Posted by: incywincy | October 5, 2006

The Greatest Happiness is Found in the Simple Things of Life

Its been quite some time since BB and i last had a date. I mean, we’ve been meeting up, but we’ve not done anything nice together for a long time. Either that, or we’re always with friends. Not that i mind, though. 🙂 I’m happy to see my friends. But recently there have been a lot of meet-ups that I’ve gotten quite confused and have even doublebooked myself before! Gosh. I’m so bad at remembering.

Anyway. Last night BB and I had dinner at Crystal Jade Jurong Point, before catching a movie. Rob-B-Hood!

The baby in the movie is so adorable! All the girls in the cinema kept ooh-ing and aah-ing and awww-ing when he did something cute. Yours truly included. Haha.

I was very happy last night. We did a couple-y thing together! Hehe. Spent the entire day in the office yesterday rushing this and that. But kept thinking of our date in the evening. So happy. Fell asleep almost instantly after we got home. Haha. I think I’ve been quite tired these past few days.

Happy lah, happy lah! Yesterday was also our 6th month anniversary. It’s hard to imagine that we’ve been together for so long! Haha. It seems like only yesterday. But it also feels like it’s been much longer than just 6 months. I know I’m contradicting myself. But I’m so happy. 🙂


  1. Yeah it’s already 6 months dear~

    How old is Romeo btw?

  2. 3 mths! … okay. now it seems like our relationship is very young.

  3. so after we are together for 3 moths, Romeo came to this world…

  4. eh.. both of you very good liao hor.. JJ refuses to accept his role as my rabbits’ daddy can!! he keep saying DON’T WANT when i tell him i’m the mummy last time.. hahaha.. he say cannot give birth to rabbits unless i’m a rabbit.. 😦

  5. you are not very different from rabbit anyway mah…
    guess what JJ need to accept is not giving birth to rabbits, but the fact that you yourself is a rabbit. muahaha…..

  6. ai ya, my brother like to act MACHO mah. being a rabbit’s daddy is not very MACHO. maybe if you rear monitor lizards instead and call him the DADDY of the monitor lizards, he sure OK one. haha… rabbits are like too not macholy. he so image consious one wat! imagine go outing and then you call him, rabbits daddy? hahahaha, i’m sure lulu and the gang will laugh until die. LoLs..

  7. haha this conversation is jus too funny, so i had to reply. wherever linda goes, she makes me laugh. cal also.. haha.. ok la n BB also lar. (jus in case later he say i nvr say he is funny)

    Cal: the tot of JJ being ur rabbit’s daddy is so funny! hahahahahaha. no wonder he dont want lar!

    BB: dont b so mean lar. cal is not a rabbit… she’s a bunny. hahahaahaha.

    Linda: the picture u painted here is jus so true! i can so imagine lulu n the guys laughing at JJ, the rabbit’s daddy.. hahahaha..

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