Posted by: incywincy | October 3, 2006

Maxthon, my favourite browser, died on me

I was blogging and then my window just hanged. Argh. I hate re-blogging about the same thing. So I won’t. Bleah. So sue me.

Yesterday (Sunday) I went over to JB for a short day trip. Went with Justin, Lemon, and BB of course. We went to City Square. The guys shopped, and I walked around with them abit. Then I went out of City Square to find a saloon. Finally found one at Plaza Seni, which offered rebonding services at a reasonable price!

Yesh, I rebonded my hair! Haha. It was at a dingy looking saloon, but who cares, when the price was a mere RM 120 (inclusive of trimming and treatment, and some hair nourishment capsules that contains some hair treatment thingie), and my hair came out looking as wonderful as it would if I had done it in Singapore for SGD 200? Haha. The lady who did my hair was quite a polite and friendly, but not too chatty. Which was good, cos I hate hate hate hate beauticians or hairdressers who chat too much or ask too many questions.

I took a risk in going into that saloon, but I’m glad I did. Haha. I love my new rebonded hair! I know it’s so passe to rebond your hair now, but I never did it before, and I do feel that my hair looks so much neater after rebonding! It was simply too messy for me to live with, so I decided to go the straight way. Hehe. I’m no taking a pic of my hair now cos it looks abit retarded. Bit too flat – a problem faced by all girls after the first 3 days of rebonding. Haha.

BTW, guys, do you know that you can’t wash your hair 3-5 days after rebonding? Hahaha! So you all better not come near me for the next few days. My hair’s gonna stink! Bwahahahaha.

Hehe. After a painfully boringย almost 4.5 hrs long session, I met up with the guys again, and we went to Sayam (at Stulang Laut) for dinner! Yay. Seafood. *slurps* Had 4 types of crabs among the 4 of us (steamed, chilli, black pepper, and ginger) and butter prawns, and baked fish with some spicy sauce, kai lan, satay, deep fried squid, rice, and fruit juices. All of that amounted to RM91! Cheaper than my hair leh! How can?!

Haha. We took a walk to the customs after dinner. Yes it’s damn bloody far away, but it wasn’t too humid or warm, and we were walking by the sea side anyway.

The journey home was a nightmare. Let’s not talk about it.

More pics of Piggy!

This was taken on the cab journey home from Stella’s place. Stella was the one who gave him to me. His name was originally Romeo (yes, he had a gf called Juliet). But they had to be separated.

Cost Juliet bit Romeo in the ass. Twice. Anyway. Romeo looks scared here. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

At home now ๐Ÿ™‚

This is Romeo’s cage. Bare, and before the revamp!

It only had a water ‘dispenser’, a food bowl, and its hay ball.

And now, ta-dah!

The new additions are his litter pan, a wooden block, more perforated platforms, and a roof for it to sleep under! That’s Piggy pigging out again at the hay ball. He eats so much! And his amount of excreta is infinitely proportional to his food intake. It doesn’t make sense how he shits so much. I just don’t get it!

And some pics of my current favourite junk food!

This is a box of ‘Romantic Crystal Love’ jelly that BB brought for me from Beijing.

I couldn’t bear to eat it cos it’s all in heart shapes. But I was looking for junk food just now, and saw this, and I’m not sure how long can these things last, so I took them out of the fridge to eat!

Yeah! I finally opened the box!

Pretty, aren’t they? ๐Ÿ™‚

And I ate and I ate and I ate. Until I had only two left! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I swear they are so good! The red fruit is cherry, and the orange one is well, orange. Haha! It is really very sweet and yummy, and I wast just thinking all about BB when I ate it. So sweet right, my BB? Hehehe. Thank you for the jellies, BB. I love them!

Am going to buy this. I’ve decided.

But it costs a whooping $48! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Anyway, other things that I blogged about just now when my browser died, and that deserve a mention:

Last Tuesday, Calyn and Trixy came over to my house! We had a Hello Kitty evening, with alot of Hello Kitty things. ๐Ÿ™‚ Calyn first gave us Hello Kitty marshmallows for Children’s Day. Yes. She still celebrates Children’s Day.

Then we had dinner at Macs (yes, Macs, cos they didn’t want to eat at non-airconditioned places, Haha) at People’s Park Complex. After dinner, we walked around the mini pasar malam that was being held there in conjunction with the Mid Autumn Festival. We bought many many Hello Kitty stickers, and also a Hello Kitty play mat, for me to decorate my room with! Now I have a section of wall full of Hello Kitty Kitty stickers. *beams*

We went home to celebrate Trix’s birthday (yes, 3 months late) and decorate my room with Hello Kitties. We also gave Trix her very belated birthday presents!

ETA: Look at Cal’s and Trix’s blog entries (if you know the URL) about our Hello Kitty evening! ๐Ÿ™‚

Last Friday, after a long and stressful week at work, I just had to unwind, and so I called Selena. We had dinner at Holland Village’s Thai Express, and chatted about everything from work to siblings to tuition kids to school to our friends to Selena’s quirky obsessions (like Joe from HK, whom she’s going to visit in Dec). Haha.

I wanted to go clubbing after that, but that didn’t work out. We went home pretty late in the end, and I just plain exhausted myself out already. Haha. It’s so wonderful to meet up with friends like Selena cos no matter what I say or do, I know I won’t be judged. That’s how I feel with my tuition friends from way back in our secondary school days. Yali, Sel, Debra, Azrina, and of course, my sis Elaine. Haha.

Saturday I worked, and then I went to Lala’s place to pick Romeo up. When I got back, I fussed over Romeo, and then went out for dinner with Yew Fai, Hong Hai and Wang Pei (our neighbour, and ex-NTU-ian also) at the relocated Outram Market food centre. Then YF and HH were very nice – they went to the petshop at Outram Road with me to get some pig stuff.

Namely, the cage. Haha. Stella gave him to me in a hamster cage, which was clearly too small for Piggy. Haha. YF is such a lazy ass but he was a real gentleman that evening, and he carried the heavy cage all the way back to our house for me. Haha! ๐Ÿ™‚

Okay, I’m tired now. I’m determined to get to office by 8.30am tomorrow morning, so I shall go and shower (without washing my hair, sigh) and sleep. G’night, all.


  1. juliet bit romeo in e ass and TWICE? muahahahaha…

  2. juliet bit romeo in e ass and TWICE? muahahahaha… mayb i shld start biting andy in e ass to remind him tat he’s such a ‘pain in e ass’ to me! heehee…

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