Posted by: incywincy | October 3, 2006

Items limited in number increases desire

Left office late today – the Realtor’s Course is on again, so I have lots of work, and usually won’t leave office before 7.30pm. Anyway. After work, I headed down to Pearl Centre, for the sole purpose of buying this:

(Taiwan’s Limited edition)

I ran into the small crammed shop with trepidation and fear that it would be out of stock. I looked around for a shop assistant, but they all seemed busy. Finally I caught the attention of one of the girls.

I asked her for the Yanzi album. The new one, I said. The blue one. And she looked at me with sympathy. “I’m sorry. No more.”

At that point in time, the whole Pearl Centre echoed the sounds of my breaking heart and its shattered pieces falling to the floor. I stared at her for a few moments, blinked, and asked her, “The blue one?”

She just looked at me and shrugged and said, “We already sold the last one.”

I started an internal battle with myself, berating my finance conscious self for deliberating for too long last night.

So drama, I know. But I really felt so sad. In the end, I bought this:

(Singapore’s everywhere-also-got-unlimited-edition)

So sad lah! So in the end, I went shopping at Pearl Centre. I had to buy something to make myself feel better didn’t I? Well, I felt 0.0001% better after my ‘shopping spree’.

(From back to front) Blue basin as a foot bath, Meiji Tact Mango wafers, Asience hair treatment kit, Kodomo wet wipes, cute animal face towels, Watson’s foot therapy gel, three Giordano XXL tee shirts for sleeping in.

Total damage: $37.25. But I still want my Yanzi limited edition album. 😦

Having my feet soaked in a hot hot hot foot bath with relaxing peppermint fragrance, and listening to Yanzi’s songs helps abit though.


  1. woah… i also shopped today, but never spend so much leh…

  2. no haf other cd shops in e area? chinatown quite big leh!

  3. limited stock. 17,000 copies worldwide. which goes to Taiwan HK singapore malaysia and godknowswhere.

    bb… i was sad lar can.

  4. import? haha..

  5. online buy? yahoo find? so SAD!

  6. haha..maybe i can help u to buy from KL? 🙂

  7. sekling! if got u help me buy ok! hehe long time nvr hear from u already…

  8. Hey u can buy from the CD shop at tiong bahru plazza a bit ex. i am also a yanzi fan she came from the same JC as i am!

  9. hi sze hui. i found the CD alrd.. i bought it at sembawang at raffles city! very very very ex!! haha.. yea~yanzi fans unite! haha. *bimbotic*

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