Posted by: incywincy | September 26, 2006

People with courage and character always seem sinister to the rest

Woke up with tummy aches and a nauseous feeling, so I took a day off. Took some medicine, then in the afternoon, when I woke up, I felt abit guilty thinking about the chaos that the office must be facing, so I packed my stuff, got dressed, and came down to the office.

Today my colleague Doris is not around either (she works only 3 days a week), so the directors had a field day trying to answer phone calls and arranging their own appointments. Haha. Oh well. I’m here now, things are less maddening, and they have their piping hot cups of coffee on their desks. All’s great and everyone’s happier. Haha.

 I love the feeling of being needed.

This morning, while I was napping, my phone was ringing off the hook. It drove me crazy. My director placed my mobile number in the recruitment advertisement in today’s Straits Times’ Classifieds. I would fall asleep, then the phone would ring again. That kinda made me feel like I should be back in the office, too.

So here I am.

Yesterday we had our last PM class. I felt strangely sad, knowing that we probably won’t see VY anymore – he was a wonderful lecturer. I loved the way his mind works, and the witty comments he makes (though not everyone gets them), and the way he links all the concepts for us to get the whole picture. I don’t think I ever had perfect attendance for any class – but I did, for his. And I paid rapt attention in all of them. So yays for me. 🙂

Last night I also met with Yali for awhile. She came to get my passport and a letter of authorization from me, so that she could do a mobile phone upgrade at Starhub. I didn’t have time to go with her, you see, and she had a voucher which was going to expire. Anyway. She bought a new phone (she showed it to me later when she came to return my passport) – it was the Samsung SGH-E900.


Don’t you think it looks damn chio?! I had my apprehensions about it at first, but its looks won me over. Shallow, I know. Haha. But who cares, right? It’s so funky. Haha. I’m not sure how user-friendly it is, yet. Its listed features don’t look half bad either.

Tonight, gonna meet Calyn and Trixy for dinner. 🙂 This is the beginning of the fun for me. Haha. Till exams come, anyway.

BB’s Mommy has arrived in Singapore. It’s the IMF period all over again. IMF = Inspecting Mothers’ Fellowship. BB has been cleaning and packing his room, over and over and over and over again. Haha. We joked last night that she should come more often, so that his room will always be neat!

Okay, back to work. 45 minutes to knock-off time. Today seems so short. But that’s only because I came in to the office at 3pm! Haha!


  1. blog blog blog… i’m blogging more than you and that’s kena abnormal. keep checking your blog every 10 minutes but no update! i want to read something. hehe…

  2. i was just being bored and looking at yr blogroll, went into yr darling’s blog n ‘OH MY GOD, HE BLOGS IN CHINESE????’ o_0 i tink it will take me ages to finish reading 1 post given my sucks chinese. just curious, he type 1 post very fast one is it? i tink i take even longer to type 1 post than read coz noe the hanyu pinyin but dun noe which is the rite one. haha… bleahs, i’m just bring bored. ignore me.

  3. hmmm, where did my comments go?

  4. linda… my blog has comments moderation. cos of some spammers la. haha.
    =) ya my bb blogs in chinese. i find it irritating cos i cant read it! hahahaha… ya he type chinese v fast.. i also quite amazed.. hahaha..

  5. oic, dumb me. :p ask him translate it into english and email it to u after each post lor. haha… ya, i agree its amazing. i mean i guess in china, everyone blogs in chinese, but i’ve yet to met anyone so yr cy is the first! he must be so honoured. heh heh…

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