Posted by: incywincy | September 25, 2006

Someone’s boring me. I think it’s me.

Above quote by Dylan Thomas. I found it hilarious, cos I’m feeling abit bored with my life now! And it’s just me. I’m the one who’s not doing anything now. Especially that school is almost over. This evening is my last lesson for Productivity Management. Hooray! Last Friday we had our Organizational Behaviour presentations. It went extremely well, I must say. So all that project meetings did pay off afterall. After last Sunday’s 8 hour marathon, we had another one on Thursday evening, after work.

But yay! Everything’s great now. We’re nearing to exams, and I’m glad that we are. Because that means we’re going somewhere! Instead of just being stuck here with the first 2 modules (out of 11). Haha. We’ll be starting on the next two modules (HRM I and HRM II) in early October. I’m excited about that. Haha. I sound like such a nerd.

Anyway. This week’s after-work schedule:

Monday: Dinner with Yali at Tekka, PM class
Tuesday: Dinner with Cal and maybe, Trix, at Chinatown
Wednesday: Dinner with Elise & gang? Club!
Thursday: Free
Friday: Still free
Saturday: Free whole day
Sunday: Also free (for now)

So if you wanna book me, hurry! This is the only week where I’ll be free in the evenings! Starting next week, I’m going to go home early everyday after work, to study!

Haha. Exams coming, what to do.

Had a marvelous weekend. Spent the whole of Saturday slacking with BB, and watching Korean drama, napping, and grocery shopping in the evening. A perfect lazy day.

Sunday’s highlights:

Miami Vice, which actually wasn’t a highlight at all. I didn’t understand what was going on in the show. I really am lousy in understanding these kinda movies. Add to that the varied accents of the actors (the South American accent, and Gongli’s I-can’t-place-it accent) and the fact that I can’t read the subtitles (in Chinese). So the whole movie just didn’t make sense!

Singapore Idol Finals 2006. Went with BB and Mikeller, and her friend yesterday evening. Actually, I think they all went just because I wanted to go. Haha! But Mik got tickets from her friend. And she remembered that I watch SGI, so she asked if I wanted to go. It was just an excuse to meet up also. Hehe. Some pics:

Before going into the Indoor Stadium 

Inside. Ta-dah! Can you see the SGI logo? Haha.

BB and I. He was having lots of fun with the balloon clappers.

Mik and I, during one of the commercial breaks.

During Taufik’s Hady’s performance

I think Hady’s going to win. Jonathan’s fans, please don’t get angry. Haha. Hady reminds me of Taufik. It’s just the same ol’ formula as the first season of SGI. Hady and Taufik, Ah Bengs Jon and Sly, and female powers Jasmine and Oli. Only that Taufik and Jasmine are the underdogs who improved alot since the first auditions, while Hady and Oli have been constantly good all along.

Anyway. Jonathan can sing only a limited range of songs, due to his low baritone voice. Hady’s much more versatile. My two cents. Anyways, last night’s show wasn’t that great. I think I miss Jasmine! Haha. Did you all watch Jasmine’s rendition of Jewel’s Foolish Games? It gave me goosebumps. I loved it!

Hmm. One thing though. I used to think Gurmit was a damn lousy host. Cos all the things he said on TV during SGI shows were like, Duh. But you really have to be there at the studio (or stadium) to appreciate his level of energy, and how he does ‘crowd control’ and how he hypes the crowd. It’s really amazing. And of course, Mutton and Mutton (Vernon and Justin of Perfect 10 Radio). Haha. They don’t go on TV, but they’re there to up the energy level at the stadium as well.

Anyway, Mel is going to protest about my Jasmine comments again, but haha. Mel, I still like her, though she’s got really kiddy hand gestures. Haha!


  1. i like hady and jasmine too!! haha.. although i didn’t really keep track this season.. but hady’s voice is damn good lah.. and the 2 finalists really reminds me of the last season.. taufik!!!!! hehe..

    trix says she’s coming too.. haha.. just hope she don’t fly our aeroplane.. we meet up once every few months.. she MUST come.. hahaha..

  2. haha, i’m sure you all have given up on me. sorry la, but cal i’m going to see you everyday from nov to feb again mah. dap, you can come over for dinner at my mom’s place lor! free food… haha…

  3. Cal: Yeah! good taste! ha. and yeah! trix can come! haha. i wil smack her arh if she FFJ tmr. haha.

    Linda: ya lor, noe tt u sure bz one so dun wanna ask u also. haha.. no la.. i understand. wait ur exam over le i go find u ok. dun wanna disturb u now cos u so many projects etc. i meet u soon la. otherwise, if weekend u free for coffee, i can also meet u. dowan to go ur mom’s place. so weird! haha… 🙂 miss u leh. muaks.

  4. haha.. linda.. we seem to be seeing each other everyday for one whole period.. and then the next period we don’t even meet up at all.. and then we have to see each other EVERYDAY for few months at a go again.. tsk tsk..

    yah lah.. you’re so busy.. PLUS you’re still sick.. so even if you’re free.. you should stay home and rest!! haha..

    i’m bored.. 😦

  5. need to rest i also know. my poor liver lor, rushing for assignment submission thanks to my $^$^%&^* group mates.

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