Posted by: incywincy | September 22, 2006

Herro, Herro?

I’m literally falling asleep again. It’s food coma. And I had a heavy lunch today. So now I feel worse than ever. This morning I did the smartest thing ever. I left my entire bunch of keys in the taxi! Yay~

So when Marcus and I arrived at the office and found that we were locked out, we called Doris. Then I went downstairs to Cheers to cheer myself up. Haha.

Saw this newly reloaded toy dispensing machine just outside

And I bought some toys

And when I ‘broke’ the eggs open, ta-dah!

Yay! I love Hello Kitty. Hehe! Herro Kitty! Xiangying also loves. Right?

Tonight is my last Organizational Behaviour class, and also my OB Presentation night. Sucks. I don’t want to go to school! I just want to be with my BB. Well, I think I should try to go and study my presentation notes. 😦

I’m nervous! I’m scared! Argh. I kept nagging at my group mates. It’s unfortunate for them, cos I am the youngest. Haha. But the naggiest. Haha.

This is what I’m drinking now…

Crabtree & Evelyn rocks. Haha.


  1. TOYS! TOYS! You waste 3 bucks on toys! Which can buy me one and half meal! @.@|||

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