Posted by: incywincy | September 18, 2006

A Day in The Life of Daphne Loo

In chronological order, the ups and downs of my day today…

Down: Edited the bugger George Liu Guozhi’s PhD thesis until 3am.
Up: Jamie sent me the song I love: “Je ne veux pas travailler” by Pink Martini.
Down: Went to sleep hungry and with a fatigued and aching body.
Down: Disturbed sleep – many many nightmares, like short stories or short films.
Down: Woke up feeling grumpy and ill due to lack of sleep.
Down: Actually woke up late.
Down: Realised that I forgot to iron my work clothes the previous night.
Down: Ironing work clothes made me even later for work.
Up: I was greeted by a large cup of piping hot caramel latte on my desk.
Up: I found out that it was from an appreciative colleague for a favour done last week.
Up: My bosses said I looked really smart today in my black blazer/skirt and white shirt.
Up: I finished the Course Notes that I had to compile for tomorrow’s Realtor’s training.
Up: I went for lunch on time.
Up: I had yummy dumpling noodles.
Up: The uncle at the wanton mee shop gave me fried wantons! Free! Yummy!
Down: Met with a minor accident afterwards. Guy spilt coke all over my white shirt.
Down: The coke stains couldn’t be hidden by the blazer.
Up: He offered to buy me a new white shirt at Seiyu!
Up: Found a white shirt that looked wonderful on me. It cost $29.90.
Up: He paid for it (my own damaged shirt cost $21.90 only, and quite worn)
Up: He apologized really sincerely, and I said thank you sincerely too.
Up: I saw a nice blue shirt that I could wear for OB presentation on Friday!
Down: I had to pay for it myself.
Up: It only cost $16.90! Tee hee!
Down: Was bored at office in the afternoon.
Up: I napped for 20 minutes by sitting on the toilet with the lid down.
Down: Dave said I’m too free.
Up: He said he will bring his shih-tzu for me to dog-sit in the afternoons. Ha!
Down: I think he was just kidding.
Up: I completed my part of the OB presentation at work cos I had free time.
Up: Left office at 6pm sharp, and walked through Bugis Village to get to SHRI.
Up: Lots of things to see at Bugis Village – clothes, shoes, belts, people, gifts.
Up: I bought and drank yummy coconut juice in a cup (with real coconut flesh).
Up: I reached SHRI and went to the office to get a refund of $41 from this promo!
Up: I went downstairs to Burger King and got my dinner. Turkey bacon burger!
Down: I remembered that we just had KFC yesterday. Bleh. Too much fast food!
Up: Went back to class and felt really smart cos I understood everything.
Up: During break time, some people asked me if I wanted to study with them.
Down: I think they just want my notes.
Up: But it shows that people think I’m smart! Yay.
Down: When class began, I got an SMS from George Liu Guozhi (the irritating bugger).
Down: He said he wants to terminate my services (for editing his PhD thesis)
Down: He is not paying me for the 40% I’ve done (cos I haven’t submitted anyway)
Down: I wasted a lot of time on his thesis already.
Up: I realised what a shithead he was, and how much I would like to clobber him to death.
Up: His thesis would suck even more without me, cos the original sucks already.
Up: My friends at school and housemate YF and BB and Gerald all want revenge for me!
Up: I realised how much my friends care about me and feel for me.
Down: Back in class, lecturer said he was going to distribute the test papers and results.
Down: Feeling even worse cos it was really just the ‘perfect timing’. More bad news!
Up: I got 24.5 marks out of 30! That’s still more than 80%!
Up: That means I’m still going to be able to get my A for exam!
Up: My mood improved by leaps and bounds. Who cares about assholes like Liu?
Up: Walked home happily from MRT, and no dirty perverts made cat calls at me.
Up: Got to share my good news and rants with YF.
Up: Got to Video Call with BB and Gerald.
Up: Got to make various funny faces while video calling, while they lectured me.
Up: I think I’m still blessed. God still loves me, BB loves me, friends love me. 🙂
Up: I can finally watch Princess Hours, cos no more dumb thesis to edit.


  1. hahaha so cute lah BB.

    btw ur funny faces… no comment. next time i shall just tape up the screen while calling u.

  2. “Up: His thesis would suck even more without me, cos the original sucks already.”

    hoho.. this is one of the ‘ups’..

    but he’s really an asshole.. this is the most feared partner/client/boss in any kind of business/transaction.. if widespread, this practice of unpredictability is going to cost much of our society’s efficiency..

  3. u mean u did work for him and now he not paying you? hey he can’t do this!

  4. BB: Of cos im cute. cos im ur BB mah! 🙂

    xiaoluo: ya if i ever meet him i wil clobber him to death. promise.

    Doreen: i did work, but before i submitted it, he cut me off. bleh.

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