Posted by: incywincy | September 17, 2006

Team Caffeine

Just had an OB project marathon with my groupmates. Today we met at my house. Which was too bad, cos that meant I couldn’t skive off. Lol. Anyway, it lasted 8 whole hours! Gahh. I was almost glad to be rid of them by the end of the 8 hours. Spending so much time together on a very stressful project does hazardous things to friendships. Haha.

Sam, on his laptop, which he affectionately christened “Fat Boy”. Haha.

Sally, flipping the textbook looking for OB theories that might explain our wackiness.

She later concluded that it was the coffee that caused us to turn out like this.

Forgot to take a pic of Peggy hard at work, but here’s one of us in class last week.

Yay. At 3.30pm, we decided to eat lunch, but it was raining. So we called KFC Delivery!

So anyway, that was Team Caffeine! Hah. We realised we cannot survive without coffee (yes, each and every one of us!) so we have therefore rightfully earned that name. Tee hee! It’s great to find people who are so driven by coffee, as I am. Hur hur hur.

Okay, now back to editing Liu’s PhD thesis…


  1. KFC… please tell me u ordered ‘spicy’ instead of ‘original’…

    wait.. u have spicy in KFC Singapore rite?

  2. hey is that my box of cookies?

    dun finish it ok~ i still want!!!

  3. boss: we ordered zinger burgers! muahahhahahahaha~

    BB: nope that one was bought by my groupmate. hehe.

  4. eh.. then where is mine? i want my cookies!!!!!!

  5. urs is stil at my place.. but u dont even come, so u go buy ur own box lar.

  6. oyea.. CY loves butter cookies? me too.. next time got to go visit more often heihei…

  7. i got one box give away who want? but got to share with ants. somehow, the last time i opened it (hmmm, when was it? last yr? *scratch head*), saw some in there. hehe…

  8. linda: i tell u, u’re worse than me! i tot im disgusting, but u’re worse! 1 year old butter cookies?! ewwww.

    xiaoluo: sure, i can treat u butter cookies.. haha..

  9. for my cookies, NO XIAOLUO ALLOWED!!!

  10. […] Above quote by Dylan Thomas. I found it hilarious, cos I’m feeling abit bored with my life now! And it’s just me. I’m the one who’s not doing anything now. Especially that school is almost over. This evening is my last lesson for Productivity Management. Hooray! Last Friday we had our Organizational Behaviour presentations. It went extremely well, I must say. So all that project meetings did pay off afterall. After last Sunday’s 8 hour marathon, we had another one on Thursday evening, after work. […]

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