Posted by: incywincy | September 16, 2006

Mah Girls Rawk Mah Sawks!

Just got home not too long ago. I had a totally fun day with my chums Xiangying and Elise. Super fun super fun! We’ve not been out together for such a long time already! 🙂

I’m so glad we did, today! Hehe. After work, I came home, got rid of the awfully heavy work bag that I carry around every single day. I freshened myself, and got out my new bag (which Daddy bought for me some time back, but which I’ve not had a chance to use, till today). Yay! Nice bag. The straps are abit inconvenient though, cos they are adjustable and removable. So they fall off if I put it down on a chair or something.

Anyway, Elise later noticed that it was a Tods handbag, which I forgot all about. As in, I didn’t really remember that it was a Tods bag. Haha. That would make it just about the most expensive bag I own. Hur hur.

Anyway. I was getting ready at home, and auntie (Yew fai’s mom) made luo han guo drink, which was yummy. I love luo han guo. It’s so good having her here, cos always got soup and cooling drinks. Haha. I used Maybelline XXL mascara today. I love how it lengthens my lashes, but I hate how the black layer flakes.

Anyways. At about 2.30pm I made my way to City Hall. On the cab, I decided that I wanted to get a haircut. So I did!

I found this new hairdresser at Citylink Mall. It’s called Modèle. Basically, they charge $20 flat for “Hair design, cut, airwash, style”. Meaning to say, they will cut any hairstyle that you want them to, or they can suggest any that will look good on you, then after you have decided, they’ll cut the style you want. After that, using a vacuum cleaner-ish sucking device, they suck all the loose bits of hair off your neck, head, etc. And finally, they’ll do simple stylings for your hair. This is great for ladies who are going for dinners or hot dates! They can put curls for you, or straighten your hair! It’s really good service for a good price! The hairdressers were really friendly and polite, and they weren’t in a hurry to get my hair done. My stylist helped me straighten my hair, and I loved it!

Before we got started.

After pinning my hair up, I look like a poodle. Urbs.

Cutting my fringe!

Straightening my hair with the iron thingie!

I know lah, so chio. Haha.

4.5 stars out of 5! My only grouse was that they didn’t do actual hairwashing, which I wanted today. I just felt like it! Haha.

Anyway, check their place out at One Raffles Link #B1-01, Citylink Mall (Next to Polar Cafe), Tel: 1800-339-5677 🙂

After my hair was all pretty and yay, I rushed back to City Hall MRT station to meet XY and Lis. Then we decided to head down to Suntec for some shopping! But because of the stupid IMF-World Bank meeting, which resulted in all the roads being closed (including the much hated but very essential overhead bridge leading to the convention centre), we had to make a big detour, from Marina Square to Millenia Walk, to Suntec. Bah. We stopped by Carl’s Jr and had some light bites and drinks before going to Suntec.

Walked around, but we didn’t buy much. Then we went to La Senza! Yay, I bought a bra! It’s very comfy! I love it! Lis got one too (same design, different colour) Hehe!

Sometime later, we went back to the MRT station to meet Junior. Okay, he was actually at Raffles City. We went to the basement (which has recently been revamped).

Love this photo! Haha. Though they had to bend down so that I won’t look so short. But hey, it made me look even shorter! Humph!

XY: Where you guys wanna eat?
Me & Lis: Anywhere lah. Anything.

*After awhile*
XY: So where are we eating? Newton, or here?
Lis: Here lah.
XY: Huh, but I want to go to Newton…

*faints* This girl ah, wanna go Newton, then still ask us where we wanna go. Haha. We already said we’re fine with Newton or Raffles City. Haha. Anyway, in the end we didn’t go to Newton, and ended up eating at Thai Express instead! Haha!

Junior and I. My first photo with Jr! Haha.

Yay. Us.

Yay our food!

Don’t be fooled by the innocent-looking soup (first pic). As XY cornily joked, “Do not judge a book by its cover, and do not judge a soup by its colour!” Haha. It’s really really spicy. But I love it all the same! Haha. My food is the one with the ‘off’-looking colour. I’m too lazy to edit the colour, and I shouldn’t have used the flash. But who cares. I’m too lazy and tired. Haha.

After dinner, XY and Jr went home for some family thing, but not before we all managed to ‘psycho’ Lis into getting a haircut! Woohoo! Exciting!

We made our way back to Modèle. She had her hair done by a different stylist from the one who did mine, though. Anyways the other guy was good too!

She wasn’t too impressed by my photojournalistic skills and instincts.

Looking happier. One side short, and one side long!

And then grumpy again. Snip snip snip!

“Don’t take already lah.” *sulks*

Yay. Almost finished snipping off the unwanted bits (of hair, haha)

Hehe! Blowing/straightening!

Yeah! Pretty girl!

Happy customer who was happy to pay! Lol.

Yay. Me and Lis, pretty pretty with our newly cut hair. 🙂

So happy today! Hahaha. I felt really glad to see Lis happy, and XY as usual, so blissful with her Jr. Hehe. We headed home after that, with promises to meet up again soon for North Indian food! Woo hoo! I love!

Back at Chinatown, I saw…


  1. eh… what does the last picture got to do with this entry?

    or just a random photo like what i’d like to do nowdays?

    love ya~

  2. cool i need a haircut! u shood leeebond your hair!

  3. you two look very pretty with the new hair! 😀

  4. BB: i was on my way home n i noticed the lights. that’s all. haha…

    Mel: Yea im plannin to rebond me hair! woo hoo! 🙂 how long is ur hair now? haha

    Maya: Thankoooooooo! 😀 u make me smile. hehe!

  5. did you both get the same hairstyle?

  6. look the same meh?! hahaha.. no its different. i dont really have a ‘hairstyle’. i jus got him to trim the ugly bits off, layered it abit, straightened it abit. haha.

  7. no it’s not the same, i’m just asking cos i’m blind. Ding dong.
    yes laaa, looks similar. Just your fringe flat down, the other is styled up.

  8. haiyah. i jus trimmed only lah. hers, she chopped off half the length of her original hair. o well.

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