Posted by: incywincy | September 15, 2006

Friday: How Time Flies!

It’s a slow Friday morning. (Although my title says that time flies, Haha) I woke up at 8am (late) in BB’s room, and lazed around till 8:30am while Gerald and BB got ready for school. Last night, I went over to NTU after work, to meet someone.

Let me tell you the story of this ‘someone’. I first saw an advertisement that he posted on the NTU Public Folders sometime in June. He was looking for someone to read through and correct the grammar in his PhD thesis. I called him out of interest, and to see if I could earn a quick buck or two there. Anyway, he haughtily told me that he didn’t think that I was qualified enough to read his thesis. Well, so be it.

Three months down the road, desperate and unable to find someone ‘more qualified’, he called me back, and asked if I’m still available to take up this assignment. I told him that I could. Let’s just say that he’s paying quite alot for this last minute work. I would’ve settled for a lot less if he’d asked me in June, but he wants this done in quite a short time, so obviously he has to pay for my effort, right? Haha.

Anyway, last night he wanted to meet me, so he asked me to go to NTU. I told him flat out, no. I live too far away. I even relented and said I could meet him at Boon Lay MRT or Jurong Point cos that was still quite convenient for me. But he said that he’s too busy to leave the school, so he offered me more money for my transport, to meet him last night, and another time again next Thursday mayhaps, to go through what I’ve done.

In any case, I now have 300 pages to read on Internation Strategic Management for Chinese Construction Firms. Haha.

Well, I didn’t quite like him when I was talking to him on the phone. But when I met up with him, he didn’t seem so bad. He’s in his mid-thirties or late thirties, married with 2 kids (his youngest is 3 months old and uber adorable!) and he’s from Beijing too. He was quite polite once he met with me. I think he realised that if I just bailed on him, he’d be a ‘gone case’. Haha. Then our meeting ended nicely, and I went over to BB’s hall. BB cooked dinner for me! (It was supper for him and Gerald, haha) Thank you, BB. Hehe. Although you and Gerald are the biggest goofballs on earth, I still love being around you two. Haha.

Anyway. *Drumroll*

Happy Birthday Mikeller!
Hope the next 1 year will be a smooth-sailing one for you.
Please don’t have any more disasters okay!
(You know what I mean, right? Haha)
Love you many many, *muacks*!

In other news, I’ve flopped my PM test. Sad. Really sad. A careless mistake that cost me my A! Boo. Now I’ve got to work very very hard for my Exam!

Hmm. I think it’s time for my coffee. 🙂


  1. flopped means what grade? haha.

  2. haha.. i’ve blogged!! finally i’ve blogged!! hehe.. and no lor.. don’t bluff.. haha.. flop means you did very badly.. tsk.. just short of an A doesn’t mean flopped.. haha.. but jia you for your exams all the same!!

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