Posted by: incywincy | September 12, 2006

Girls Night Out @ One Rochester

After work (which extended into OT) today, I rushed down to One Rochester for drinks and dinner with Mikeller and Yihui. Yay! We celebrated Mimi’s birthday with her.

It was just a simple dinner. We caught up with each other over some small bites (seafood papad, Rochester platter, and a small steak) and drinks (I had a Shirley Temple, while Yihui had a “cough syrup-y” martini, and Mimi had a Cipiranha (whatever that is) Haha). It was fun talking to the girls about my job, my life, their job/school/career plans and their life. I just wish we could meet more often. The last time I actually saw Yihui was on 12 Jan! That was aeons ago!

Mimi is now in her final year of studies in the NTU Bio Science course, whereas Yihui just graduated from NUS Food Science, and is now working in the R&D department of a biscuit-manufacturing company. Heh. Interesting huh. We were talking to Mimi about working life, future career options, etc. I felt totally at ease with them, and I had a great time. It was just like always, like before. Too bad that Kianli couldn’t make it, and that XX is too busy these days. Wish Jess could’ve been there, though. I miss Jess. She’s always up for meetings with the girls.

The food wasn’t anything fantastic. But I quite liked the place, with its decor and relaxing ambience. I didn’t take many nice pics of the surroundings, though. There are more pics, but I’ve not gotten them from Mimi yet.

This is a section of the outdoor area of the restaurant

Yihui and Mimi

Yihui and me

Later, we walked to Buona Vista MRT station together, and I accompanied Mimi back to Boon Lay, and also took the opportunity to ‘force’ BB to come down to Boon Lay MRT to meet me for awhile. Hehe. Cheap thrills. 1 hour also good. Haha.

At Buona Vista MRT station

Wanted to get some coffee at Coffee Bean, but they were closed already 😦 So we settled for bottled Starbucks frappucinos from 7-11. Haha. So funny. Anyways, BB and I just hung around and chatted abit about this and that, while Mimi went home. Then BB and I took some pics! Yay! We haven’t taken pics together in quite some time!


And us!

I missed the last train out of Boon Lay, so I had to cab my way home. Not too bad an idea, I guess, considering that I was pretty tired then. When I got home, I saw a piece of worm near the keyhole.


Then I realised that my housemates put it there to scare me. It was… 冬虫夏草 (cordyceps sinensis). Aargh! I hate this thing! I first heard of it at home – My mom would say that she’s made soup with ‘冬虫草’, as she called it, and ask us to drink up. But it didn’t mean anything to me then. It was just a bunch of Chinese sounding words, which held no meaning for me.

Then in Sec 4 Bio class, I found out what it was. No way, Jose! Yucks!

Anyway. Yew Fai took one of the things from his Mom (who is here with us for a few days) for the sole purpose of scaring me with it! What great and wonderful and considerate housemates I have. Bleh.

Oh yes. We got a small gift for Mimi. Actually we didn’t know what to get for her, and thought that we’d just treat her to a meal and drinks, but in the end, I saw this and thought that it quite suited her! Also, she wore a brown lacy spaghetti-strap top today, and it matched the outfit well, I thought. Haha. I have psychic powers to predict what she is going to wear!

And this is what I wore today:

I haven’t accessorized in ages, but since I wore something more dressy today, I thought I’d take the opportunity to wear this little gem that BB bought for me. It’s not a ‘gem’ per se, it’s a crystal. Haha. Swarovski! This pic doesn’t do it justice. I love the pink crystal with its multi-edged surface. Simple yet elegant. Heh.

This is the 2nd choker that BB has bought for me. The first one was the one he gave me for Valentine’s Day 2006, when we were just good friends. Gosh. It seems so long ago!

Message of the day: Beware of what herbs go into your Chinese medicinal soup. It could turn out to be a worm.


  1. 冬虫夏草 is not a worm lah…

    a worm eat the seed, it dies in winter, and the seed grow out from its body in the next spring, so it’s a plant.

    anyway, i also dun eat it, haha… my mom does though.

  2. as its name says.. in winter it’s a worm, in summer it’s a plant.
    yucks. it’s gross. i won’t ever touch it.

  3. i like that sweater coat thing u got 🙂 but it looks prickly…

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