Posted by: incywincy | September 10, 2006

An Evening with You

Just got back from dinner and shopping and spending some rare time with BB. I can’t reinforce enough how much I hate being away from him. I miss him so terribly during the week, when I don’t get to see him.

Anyway, I reached Boon Lay earlier than he did, because he missed a bus. So I was just looking at the HP accessories stall at the interchange. Saw the crystal cover for the Nokia 6280 (which he just bought this morning), and thought that he might want to buy it later, so I told him about it over SMS. Hehe. He said that I rarely encourage him to buy anything, so it was a surprise to him. He said I’m only allowing him to buy it or he would buy something even more expensive later on. Haha.

When he arrived, he told me that he had a present for me. But he said that he’ll only give it to me if I agree to carry it in my arms for the rest of the evening. Ta-dah!

A pink StarStar friend for the purple StarStar that I bought for BB!
Hehehe! So cute. I love it. Thanks BB. I’ll drool on it too! 😛

BB allowed me to put it in a paper bag in the end, so we walked around happily with the pink StarStar nestled in a Hello shop paperbag. Haha!

We had a light dinner at the food court. Shared a Penang laksa and a bowl of chng tng (I just had a sudden craving for this dessert). Then we walked around the mall. Bought some stuff for myself, like a universal plug adapter, hair scrub-thingie for shampoo-ing, body shampoo (Dettol, yay!), bread for breakfast, a new toothbrush, and a box of MonMilk!

MonMilk is BB and Gerald’s preferred brand of milk! So get it today at your local supermarkets! Haha. Let me tell all of you a secret. BB and Gerald have a secret, unauthorized / unlicensed stash (a whole bloody carton) of MonMilk under Gerald’s bed in their hall room! They don’t have the proper documents that allows people to store such huge quantities of MonMilk in their Hall room! Muahahahahahaha. So if anyone wants to drink this brand of milk, but cannot afford to buy a box, then please go to their room, and steal some. Hur hur hur.

Right. Moving on. After grocery shopping, we went to the Pet Shop. Woo hoo! Got 4 month old guinea pigs! Super cute. I saw the one that I want already. Tee hee hee!


Earlier this evening, I went down to Bugis to meet Serene and Lik to get Serene’s new phone, an orange Nokia 6280! Gee, why is everyone getting new Nokia 6280s (my Daddy just got one earlier this week too) and Elaine might be getting one this month too. Bleah. I want one too. But hehe, BB lent me his Sharp 802SH, which I adore also because of the camera and the fact that it uses an SD card (I have a built-in SD card reader on my laptop). Yay! New phone to use! And I can photo blog once again! I’ve not really been blogging much with photos cos my HP has no bluetooth, and my camera is not doing too well these days (battery keeps discharging very quickly). Lalala!


Saturday was spent at slacking at work from 9.30am to 1.30pm, then studying from 2pm to 6pm. At 7pm, I went to Plaza Singapura to meet my UOC juniors for dinner!

It’s been quite some time since I saw my Aura OG, and it was an added bonus that I got to meet some of the Afro OG juniors last night too! We intended to eat at Cafe Cartel, but the queue was so long – the server told us that they couldn’t guarantee us a table for 16, even if we were willing to wait 3 hours! Gosh.

So we moved on to Thai Express! We celebrated some of the members’ birthdays over dinner.

And here’s my darling Angela

I look so pale without make-up. Blah. But I love the pink tee with the white jacket! Haha. I look uber-tanned when wearing white. I wore white today. Yay!

After dinner, some left, while a few of us went to meet Evelyn (my freshie last year) for a movie (and more makan! 😦 ate too much on Saturday). Those who went for the movie were: Daphne Jr., Nankai, Evelyn, Wiliyani, Lawrence and myself!

The freshie : senior : super senior ratio was 1 : 2 : 3! How cool is that! The oldest people are the most enthusiastic! Haha. We had dessert at this Hongkong cafe at Cineleisure, before we watched Little Man at 1:30am. It was full house! Which is amazing to me, considering that the movie sucked big time. Omigosh. I have not seen such a bad movie ever since, like The Pacifier, or Deuce Bigalow! Argh. And it was full house! Even for the midnight show, which we didn’t manage to get tickets for. I think all those people milling around Cineleisure were just bored and looking for something to do with their friends, hence they decide to watch any random show that was being screened. Just like us. Aargh. It sucks. The movie sucked BIG TIME. Waste of my money. Boo.

Okay! Time to bathe!

BB, thanks for putting up with my tantrums, demands, whines and bouts of insecurity. I’ll grow better at handling this ‘long-distance’ thing soon, I promise.

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