Posted by: incywincy | September 9, 2006

I Love Surprises!

Last night after school, I boarded the NEL train alone. My usual ‘towards Harbourfront’ kaki (Peggy) was absent, cos she was so busy at work that she forgot the time. 😦 I walked to the train station with Sally though. My group is basically made up of 3 girls and 1 guy.

Peggy is a Secretary/HR administrator, working and living in Boon Lay area. Sally is a HR officer in an F&B company, and she’s married with 2 kids! She lives in Hougang area. Sam (short for Abdul Samir) is the guy in our group, and also our group leader and he’s also married with 2 kids, I think. He works in some government-related organization, and lives in Bedok. So if you all realise, I live at the most central location – in Chinatown. Which means that we will always meet at Harbourfront or somewhere nearby, for study group and project meetings! Haha. Lucky me.

Anyway, I was Tetris-ing on the train, and after I got off, and while walking towards my home (through Pearl’s Centre, up the hill, through the security, into the lift, up the stairs and to my unit). I really should stop Tetris-ing on my HP when I’m walking home at night, because, firstly, I should watch where I’m going (I nearly collided with the OCBC ATM machine outside Pearl’s Centre last night), and secondly, I should be more alert when walking up the hill, cos someone might be following me! Although there are cars going up and down the hill, but it’s still kinda dark, I guess.

But. That’s not my story for today. Hehe. When I got home, I saw this tall guy standing at the door. I thought it was my housemate, Yew Fai. When I took a second look, I saw that it’s BB! Hehe. So happy to see him! He was in his cycling gear, so I didn’t want to hug him. Haha. He jus arrived at my place. Apparently, I was so engrossed in Tetris-ing that I didn’t see him walking just a little ahead of me. When he saw me, he quickly entered the lift, and went upstairs. It was a close shave for him, cos I remembered that the door just closed when I arrived at the lift. Bah. I was silently cursing the idiot who quickly closed the door as I was approaching. Oops!

I love it when BB surprises me like this! 🙂 Also, he had ordered some food and gotten them to send it to my place. This is what he got!

Golden Pillow 933 Curry Chicken!

The huge ‘pillow’!

Open Sesame! Haha…

Looks abit unappetizing, but it’s not lah. BB and I agreed that it’s their innovation which sells, rather than the taste of their food. Taste-wise, it’s not great, but it’s not that bad either. The bread ‘pillow’ was fluffy and soft, and had just the right amount of ‘dampness’. I simply can’t eat dry bread. The curry itself had quite alot of pieces of chicken, which was value for money. The gravy of the curry was not too ‘milky’, as santan (or coconut milk) was used sparingly. Which was good. I don’t mind eating chilli, but I don’t like milky curry or sambal or chilli sauce. Thus, I always opt for rendang or masak merah or North Indian food, if I simply have to eat spicy food.

Anyway. It was fun for us to try this ‘dish’ – we just used our hands to tear off the bread, and dip it into the curry. Abit too much for 2 persons, though. Try this only if you’re in threes. BB and I kept the remaining portion in the fridge, but I doubt it’ll taste as good as the fresh one.

They have many other items on their menu, and some look really good too (though the Golden Pillow Curry Chicken is their specialty), and the prices aren’t as high as I would imagine. Good for a small get together.

Don’t think I’ll be trying this pillow of curry chicken again anytime soon, though. It’s just too much for me! Haha.

Last night, I was also talking to Calyn on MSN. BB saw Cal’s MSN pic, and went, “Aarrghh, the rabbit again,” cos I was ignoring him and happily chatting with her. Haha. Then he asked me to “stop rabbiting with her, otherwise you will be rabbitized too.” Haha. Calyn is known as the Rabbit. Hahaha. Though Trixy calls her Hambit (cross of hamster and rabbit) cos of her pets. We helped Cal order the CD that she has been yearning for – Kim Jung Hoon’s Best Album. Haha.

Oh yeah, the other surprise that BB brought for me were three Yanzi posters! Yanziiii! Aaaaahhh! *hyperventilates* *faints* So happy! I’m going to go home and stick them all up on my wall after work. Tee hee! My walls are kinda bare now, cos I’ve not had time to decorate my room since moving in.

BB loves me most! Yay. Hehe. Our first most memorable ‘outing’ was the Yanzi concert earlier this year. Okay, just for the heck of it, I’m going to post up the Yanzi concert photos he took at the concert, because I didn’t do so back in January.

I adore Yanzi so much! Haha.

Now please say that my BB is a superb photographer. Haha. I love the first picture most. Hehe. Are you all sick of looking at the pics already? Hehe. I’ll never be sick of it! Haha. Anyway, let’s move on.

Here’s a random photo:

I got this little pillow for BB as a ‘5th month anniversary’ present.
I think it looks like him. Anyway he’s been drooling on it. 😦

On Thursday night, after working till quite late at night, I met up with BB to go to the airport. Elaine was going back to Dundee, Scotland! Bleah. I felt really sad. I mean, we spent some time together. I was lucky, she stayed with me for almost 2 weeks during her attachment at NUH. But I felt that it was still too little, for a sister who lives hundreds of thousands of kilometres away for most of the year. Nevertheless, I spent 3 blissful days with her alone in Tioman, and that’s something we’re both going to remember for a long long long long time. 🙂

Here’s a pic we took together at the airport:

We forgot to bring a camera, but BB had his HP with him, so he took a pic for us. It’s not half bad, the resolution. Hehe. I’m not the shortest in the family. Stop focussing on that. Bleh. I just happened to be crouching a little! Boo.

Everyone teared when saying bye-bye to our silly hamster. But she’ll be back soon, and we’ll all go over to Dundee for her Convocation next year (hopefully I can go too). Haha. Hammie, take care of yourself ok! Haha.

Later, Mom and Dad drove home to JB, while Serene, BB and I took the train home. Here’s me and Serene:

And me with BB:

He just got a haircut. So funny and cute hor. Hahah! I always say he looks like Bert of Sesame Street. Haha.

By the way, Photobucket has a new photo-uploading feature. It’s actually a collaboration with Flock Browser, which I’ve not tried yet, but I’m pretty pleased with the drag-n-drop feature. It’s so convenient!

Right then. I think I’ve blogged enough for today! Haha. Please leave messages! New Tioman blog will be up by Sunday!


  1. woah u posted all the photos again, haha..

  2. aha, now only i know that’s a surprise visit by “BB”… i tot that’s routine when i surprisingly saw him after greeted u..

    was my appearance a surprise too? i’ve told them b4hand, but forgot abt u keke… went there juz to fight YF (haven’t been comparing skills for ages, since he moved there) and beer with HH (to celebrate the departure of YF lol)…

  3. bb, last time i dint post the photos ma.. only posted it on the yanzi unlimited forum.. hehe.

    xiaoluo, yea it was a surprise cos he dint tell me he was coming! n he also said he wont see me until maybe wkend cos he jus came over the previous nite after sending elaine to the airport.. haha

    yes ur appearance was a surprise too.. and hmm.. my housemates’ disappearances are a surprise too! where are they, i wonder. sms no reply. bleh

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