Posted by: incywincy | September 8, 2006

Converse 3on3 Basketball Challenge @ Bugis

Went shopping for office stuff just now. My job is damn fun when I have slack days. I love it. Anyway, I walked past Bugis Junction (the fountain area) and I found that it was over-run by pre-pubescent / adolescent boys trying to shoot hoops…

The key word was… “trying”. Haha. I stood there for awhile and watched (so much time, and no hurry to go back to the office), and out of 20 shots, 25 didn’t go in. Hahaha! Does that make sense?

Aiyo! They were just so horribly lousy! I think I play better. And trust me, I’m damn lousy at basketball.


  1. i’m at bugis at least once a week nowadays!hahaha.. sch too near liao.. so i detour there to shop.. maybe someday i will bump into u!

  2. haha.. u can ask me for lunch one day. =) flexi lunch break timing. haha.

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