Posted by: incywincy | September 6, 2006

Nothing blogworthy these days

I’m now at school at SHRI, and waiting for classes to start. So I thought I’d just do some personal reflections here.

It’s been crazy at work. Everyday is a mad rush, and I’ve got to go to school too. That’s getting quite stressful. The workload is still manageable. I’ve got a Productivity Management test next Wednesday. So while all of you lucky arses are out there watching Singapore Idol, I’ll be ploughing my way through the paper, which carries a 30% weightage. Bah.

Gotta really work on it this weekend. I’ve studied some, feel quite confident, but not fully prepared yet. Things I’ve got to do this weekend:

1. Clean up house
2. Study for PM test
3. Meet Afro/Aura for movie
4. Organization Behaviour project meeting
5. Rest

Erm. So where does BB come in? *Sigh* I’m seriously beginning to feel that I don’t have time for him at all. It feels like a long distance relationship, to me. I know it sounds ridiculous – Boon Lay and Chinatown – but it’s certainly too far for us to travel to see each other any more than 2 times a week. Most of the time, we only see each other once a week.

How do people cope, being away from their significant others for prolonged periods of time?

This afternoon, during lunch, in order to destress, I went to Seiyu for a walk. I ended up buying something I shouldn’t have bought. It is a long black flair skirt made of flowy material, which can double up as a tube dress and be worn with a belt or a cardigan.

I love it! It made my day slightly better each time I peered into the paper bag. 🙂


  1. boon lay and chinatown… a long distance relationship…?? don’t give excuses daph.. just admit that you have a crush on me 😛

  2. BB BB, feeling better now? muack!

    yah you can be very busy sometimes, coping both work n study. but you have been doing well. keep it up k, reward urself if necessary, i won’t nag at you for buying things, not like some ppl…

    anyway, i also got 2 test coming within 2 weeks’ time. both weigh 20% of total. scary..

  3. study hard!! hehe..

    and like what i say.. think of people like me.. who don’t see their boyfriend for 4 months at least.. and you’ll feel lots better.. haha.. you can ask me out for dinner anytime you want if you feel bored!! i’m only.. erm.. 2 MRT rides away!! haha.. that’s like.. few mins away? haha..

  4. Boss: in ur wildest dreams la! lol.

    BB: i nag at u for ur own good okie. hahah.. let’s jia you for our tests okie. 🙂

    Calyn: haha i tink i hardly ever feel bored, or haf nothing to do. problem is, i don’t have enough time! so whn are we meeting up with trix?

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