Posted by: incywincy | September 4, 2006

I am Tanned

Back to work after a long weekend at Tioman. So many things to do, I don’t know which should I do first. Three directors asking me to do three gazillion different things – Which should I attempt first?

It’s lunchtime. I really feel like going to Bugis Junction for a walk. Haha.

Feeling kinda slow today. And very absentminded. Hmm. It’s the weekend hangover.

Waiting for my Princess Hours DVDs to arrive. I hope it’s in my mailbox when I get home tonight!

I wonder how long will my tan last? I’m really quite brown now. I’m probably tanned about 2 months every year, on an average. At other times, I look rather like a pale sick chicken. Lol.

Blog entry about latest Tioman trip will be up soon. Are you all sick of reading about Tioman yet? Hehe! Lots of pics. I don’t know how I’m going to select them.

Sorry for blogging in spurts that don’t make sense.


  1. korean drama… @.@

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