Posted by: incywincy | August 31, 2006

It’s a damn cold night

It’s a damn cold night,
Tryin’ to figure out this life,
Won’t you take me by the hand,
Take me somewhere new,
I don’t know who you are but I,
I’m with you.
I’m with you. 
– Avril Lavigne (It’s a Damn Cold Night

Yhewww. Cannot believe I’m singing Avril Lavigne! Yhewww!

I’m supposed to be writing my year-end report for the Student’s Union AGM – it’s due tomorrow, when I will be happily on the ferry to Tioman, so I’d better get it done today.

But somehow, I just can’t get the writing going. I’ve started several times, and then I’d get frustrated and hit Ctrl+A, Backspace. And all these after I’ve written a few paragraphs at each attempt. It’s just now flowing!

It rained heavily yesterday evening and this morning. I couldn’t get to school (I usually walk) – I couldn’t even get to the MRT station across the road! It was that bad. I waited for a taxi downstairs, and I got all drenched. At 6:40pm, I got lucky, and a taxi stopped right in front of me to drop off a passenger. I jumped in, and reached school just shy of 7pm, at the cost of $7.40 (for a distance that is so near, my heart aches). Most people were late – there was a terrible congestion -and I just took the time to finish up my homework.

PM class was wonderful last night, after I got over the shivers (I drank hot soya bean milk  from Jollibean). I learnt alot, and then I got a chance to teach and share with some of my classmates what I’ve learnt. Yea! Some of them were absent, you see. We’re doing alot of calculations now. Similar to what I did in Accounts in Grade 9 back in Jakarta. Basically, we have to decide which item on the financial statements go where, and then calculate the Value Added and other Productivity Indicators.

The lecturer was quite ill, but still he gave a good lecture. I figured out why I like him so much, while some of my classmates find him boring. That’s because his mannerisms, his intelligence, and even his build, reminds me of my Daddy!

Speaking of which, yea! my Daddy will be home on Saturday! We’ll be seeing him on Sunday only, though, cos the youngers sisters and I will be going to Tioman for a short getaway. It’s their first, so I’m really excited to show them the fun stuff over there! I’m in a good mood today – can anyone can tell? Hehe. *Happily ignoring the almost-due year-end report* I think it’s because I’ll be going home tonight after work. Looking forward to that.

I’ll be back from Tioman on Sunday night, and will come back to Singapore only on Monday morning. Will be going to work, school, then home to Chinatown. On Tuesday I’ll be going home to JB after work, where I’ll stay till the next night with my family, and back to work and school in Singapore again on Wednesday. Elaine’s leaving on Thursday, just before midnight, so we’ll all be going down to the airport to see her off.

I felt very bad last year cos I couldn’t see her off to Scotland. I was having Union Orientation Camp. Kinda wonder why I didn’t skip – all these don’t seem important to me anymore now. I’m not saying that the friends I made at the camp aren’t dear to me anymore, but I could’ve just skipped a few hours – I should have. Anyway, this year is different. We’ll see her off, then we’ll all go to Scotland next year for her convocation. Yeah! So proud of my soon-to-be-doctor blur hammie sister!

Am just writing some nonsense to pass time. Oh yeah! I got my namecards yesterday. 3 whole boxes. Lol. The quality’s not bad too. It has matte laminate. Nice. I can start giving them out to my friends and family haha. I have no idea what I’m going to do with 3 whole boxes of namecards! I’ve never had so many in my entire life.

This morning I was quite clever. I thought of bringing my school file to work and leaving it in the office, so that I don’t have to lug it back to JB tonight, and back to Singapore on Monday morning (since I won’t be going to my place in Chinatown after work, before lessons start). So I’ve concluded that I’m smart. Haha. It was raining when I was about to leave my house. I opened the door, and was abit taken aback (but I think they were more shocked), there were a group of people outside my door, just about to knock on my door. They’re from the Ministry of Environment, and were there to check for mosquitoes and stagnant water. It was all over in a minute, and then I left hastily.

Oh yeah, must write about this. On Tuesday, I went to meet Elaine after work, for dinner with Eugene. Well, Eugene’s her ex-boyfriend. I thought it would be weird, but it wasn’t at all. Can tell that he still really cares alot for her, and that they still have some special bond. I think that’s so sweet. Cos most of the time, when young couples separate, they tend to not talk to each other for the rest of their lives. Elaine and Eugene could still talk about the times when they were dating, about the silly things they did together last time, or rather, the silly things that my sister did, and what they used to say about each other, etc. Both of them have moved on to new phases of their lives, with new relationships, but they’re still in touch and all that. So I think it’s sweet!

Anyways. We ate at Curry Favor near City Hall MRT. The place was nice. The food was so-so. The price was shocking! Horrendous lah. But well, once in a while is alright, I guess, and it’s not everyday that I meet up with Eugene, or go out with both of them together. Haha. I remember once, we double dated at Orchard. Elaine & Eugene, Benjamin and I. Had dinner, walked around admiring the Christmas lights, taking photos. Hehe. That was Christmas 2003. Alot’s happened since then. Right. Photos!

I just talked to Ben last night. He was asking me about BB and all. He’d read from my blog abit about him, and was abit curious. Everyone just keeps asking how do I communicate with BB. English lah, silly! Sometimes feel like saying that we converse in French most of the time, and if we’re feeling particularly frivolous, Italian. Haha.

Okay, gotta get back to work.


  1. Huh? What’s English? I no understand.

    Have a safe n pleasant trip dear~

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