Posted by: incywincy | August 29, 2006

Bunny or piggy?

Been feeling quite lonely since I moved to Chinatown, and BB is in the deep jungles of Singapore where light never reaches *coughNTUcough*

So sad. I used to go home everyday after work and be able to spend time with him. Now, I come home and face my computer and my books, and sometimes we (BB and I) don’t even talk much on MSN or on the phone.

So I’ve been thinking of adopting a bunny or a guinea pig. Been looking at websites like SPCA, HRSS, Singapore Pets Forum which offer bunnies and pigs for adoption. But I’m not quite ready yet. I’ve to seriously consider, mentally prepare myself and my home, and maybe I’ll be ready by mid to end of September. I wanna make sure I can take care of my bunny or pig.

Actually, I’d much rather get a bunny, but BB says that he will only allow me to get a pig. I’m worried that pigs will bite (like hamsters). Do they? I can’t remember. It’s been a long time since I last had a piggy.

Actually. I’d rather live with BB and have him to sayang and be sayang-ed in return. 😦 But BB says cannot, otherwise we’ll both not be able to study well.

Calyn, please comment about bunnies or piggies adoption!

This is a bunny I saw at the pet shop at Harbourfront some time back.
Isn’t it absolutely divine? Love the face, the beady eyes, the pink ears!


  1. Bunny’s poo is very smelly.. and more or less toxic, according to Justin’s friend.

    Guinea Pig is actually not pig, and one reason why most people like them is because they don’t bite when carried in hand. Possibility of they ever bite is 1 to 400, according to my 2 hours’ research just now during break time. Actually I think bunny is more likely to bite…

    And as their body size is smaller, they occupy a smaller space compare to rabbit.

  2. of cos i know guinea pigs arent actual pigs.. hehe. justin say its ok if i dun keep bunny in room.

    so guinea pigs dont bite.. good. i dun like bitey animals. one think abt guinea pigs tho… they make damn alot of nice.. *wheeeek! wheeek! wheeek! wheeeekkk!* have you heard it before? hehe.

  3. i prefer rabbits!! hahaha.. rabbits make noises too.. although i’m not sure how to describe their sound.. haha.. i just bullied Nuisance into making lots of noises yesterday for JJ over the phone.. and he says i’m ‘bian tai’.. *zzz*.. but she still loves me.. heh..

    i’ve already told you what you need when you’re buying a rabbit.. the rest is just cleaning them.. letting them out for a run.. etc.. quite easy to handle though.. hehe.. i’m not sure about guinea pigs.. don’t really like them since they’re not as soft as a rabbit.. haha..

    or if you want.. you can take one of mine home for a holiday.. haha.. they probably won’t miss each other since they don’t even like each other.. haha!!

  4. ya cal, ure bian tai…! n the way u talk abt how they are ‘soft’ is like.. so cruel. its like u only want them becos u wanna bend them n distort their body. haha. n u tink wanna bring for holiday thn jus anyhow ar. lol. n how come ur bunnies dun like each other. it must be u lah. tsk.

  5. haha.. i meant their fur is soft lah!! what were you thinking.. hahaha.. they’re furry what.. i like furry animals.. heh..

    Fishcake doesn’t like Nuisance.. Nuisance likes to follow Fishcake around.. i think Fishcake is very territorial lah.. she’s the 1st bunny.. so she doesn’t like ‘newcomers’.. haha.. she’ll bite Nuisance if they’re together lor.. it’s not me okay!! haha..

  6. eh.. my comment disappeared!! haha.. why?!?

  7. haha it sounds like ur bunny ma.. can bend here n there the body so soft hahaha..

    fishcake so funny.. like da jie like that, find tht the xiao mei is irritating. hahaha. i tink some older siblings are like tat.. hahaha. cos they came first ma! lol.

    .. ur msg went into ‘moderation’.. all msgs haf to be moderated by me before it appears on my blog. to prevent idiots leaving retarded msgs. hah.

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