Posted by: incywincy | August 27, 2006

Three Days

It’s been quite some time since I blogged the ‘today I did this, then I did that’ kinda entry. So I shall do one now! Tee hee hee!

On Friday evening, after work, I had OB class, during which BB sms-ed me, asking me what time I’d be at the prata shop near my house. He said that he wanted to cycle over from NTU to eat supper with me! Hehe! So fun. But I was worried about his safety. Then he reminded me that he has cycled around Singapore many times. So I was like, Ok! We met up at the prata place and had one egg prata each. BB also ordered a banana prata, and I ate abit of it too! Quite yummy. 

BB was supposed to cycle back to NTU after supper. But he got into a minor accident (a pedestrian running after a bus caused him to fall off his bike) and he had some cramps in his calf. So he decided that it was better for him not to cycle back that night. Maybe it was the cold air at night that made his calf cramped.

So anyway. He stayed over. Elaine’s staying at my place now too. So it was kinda fun. We all played BookWorm on Popcaps! At first, I was playing. Then BB wanted to play, and he hijacked my laptop. Then Elaine saw it, and she wanted the game too. So I installed it for her, and she started playing it too! And then I was the loser without a computer. Boo. Hong Hai and Yew Fai were in the living room with us also, and they were using their laptops too! BB is so mean. He didn’t wanna let me play. Bleah.

After that we all went to bed feeling super tired. On Saturday morning, BB woke up early and left. He cycled all the way back to NTU for a 1 hour make-up lecture for some Math module! So happy that my BB is so hardworking. Haha!

I woke up later, and was feeling kinda lazy and tired (working full-time and studying part-time three weeknights each week does that to you). So I was contemplating not going to work for the pathetic 4 hours that I work on Saturday. I was thinking that my bosses may not even go to the office.

Anyway. I’m so glad I dragged myself out of bed! I was about 15 minutes late, but hey, at least I was earlier than my bosses! Yup, they actually turned up at the office yesterday. Haha.

After work, one of my bosses gave me a lift to the west, and then I cabbed my way to NTU to see BB! Haha. He was so shocked when I opened the door and walked into the room – the look on his face was just priceless.

MRT from Chinatown to Bugis: $1.30
Breakfast: $3
Soya bean milk: $1.20
Taxi fare to NTU: $6.30
The look on BB’s face: Priceless

There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s Mastercard.

Haha. We basically lazed and moped around the entire afternoon and night yesterday. I was so tired when I arrived, that I jumped straight into bed. He was gaming. Then he napped with me too. Then I woke up. Then I was doing some readings online. Then I played BookWorm on Popcaps. Then he woke up. Then we thought about dinner. It didn’t materialise before us. So we decided to cook. Hehe!

BB cooked pasta for me. Yums. I love tomato-base pasta sauce. It beats all the wimpy cream sauces out there! Hah!

After dinner, we slacked some more and played more BookWorm on Popcaps! So addictive I tell you. Hmm. BB beat me at it! I always get ‘burned’ by the red tiles cos I’m always trying to form long words. Bah.

After I’d had enough, I decided to disturb BB instead. Hehe! He doesn’t like me to sit next to him when he’s playing BookWorm on Popcaps cos I like to point out words to him. Hehehe! After that, we had supper of toast with jam, and chilled Milo, then it was bedtime! We conked out quite soon. I think all that BookWorm-ing made us very tired. Hur hur hur.

I woke up at 8:15am this morning, then I studied and chatted on MSN, and blogged abit. Then I went off to Delifrance at Harbourfront for my project meeting with Peggy and Sam. Sally couldn’t come because her child had fallen ill. So the 3 of us brainstormed over breakfast and snacks and coffee! 


And then we had more coffee!

Frothing cappucinos. I love. It looks vaguely amusing, the foam “cap”.

We did quite alot of work today, so I’d say that the meeting was very fruitful! There was alot of lame jokes by Sam too (he really is the clown of our group) but overall, we kept each other grounded and focused. So that was good. We worked for 4 whole hours! Amazing, huh?

My laptop battery died. Then we adjourned the meeting and went home. While I was walking to the MRT station, I passed by this shop that had its display window full of pink bags!


So yummy, all the pink things. 🙂 I had to walk away though.

I did some more readings online once I got home, then edited the notes, added some stuff, and sent the discussion notes to all my groupmates. So happy that I got so much work done today. But I’m so tired now huh!

I’m waiting for my laundry to be done.

In the evening, BB came over to Chinatown with his fellow rockclimber friend Gary and we ate at the hawker centre next to the MRT station. Gary and I were talking about how the food in Singapore cannot be compared to that in our home country. Haha. For BB, any food, any where, is the same. I think good food is wasted on him. Just eat instant noodles everyday can already. Hehe!

Ooo. I just realised that I’m typing in Singlish.

Anyway. BB and Gary went rockclimbing near Tanjong Pagar / Raffles Place today, so they came over to eat with me after that. I miss BB already.

Okie, my washing machine is beeping. My clothes are done! Yay. G’Night!


  1. erm… not saying any food any where is the same. Just that I am fine with food any where and I can eat all kinds of food, chilli, curry, kankong, barley etc… muahaha.

  2. ya lah. all the things i dont eat.

  3. hey u changed your layout!! haha. u DID change it right, it’s not just my browser acting weirdly or anything.. 😐 haha anyway, it’s nice! =)

  4. yea i changed it! haha. i got sick of the pukey mossy green. blue is nice. blue makes people feel calmer. and my company’s corporate color is blue. so is my school’s. yay. blue rocks. haha.

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