Posted by: incywincy | August 24, 2006


It’s up! It’s finally up! The pics! The blog entry! Read it all HERE! Please leave comments, thanks!

Hope you all enjoy the pretty pics. Hehe.


  1. woot, am i the first?

    woah u write so long an entry. gerald say u r a professional writer, not biased at all. coz u actually wrote a lot abt them, ha!

    luv u~

  2. hahaha.. of cos lah. they are part of why our trip was so memorable ma. 🙂 hehe. i love you too..

  3. woot, am i the first besides ur BB? (wow, vomitting haha). ur travel notes quite tempting leh…me, myself and I also going soon~

  4. haha… u shd go. its good to relax on the beach. 🙂

    and you know what! he’s fast losing his identity. i keep calling him BB that no one remembers what his real name is anymore. hahaha!

  5. Nice write up of the trip. Everything is so well written. I’m also glad to see that u mentioned abt me and Mian Mian so much…very professional. = ) looking forward to more trips with u and BB(what was his name again?). Thanks for the lovely memories.

  6. Haha.. Thank you too! 🙂 No need to know his name lah. Call BB can already. Hehe! And pls dun molest/bully my BB at night ok.

  7. so many pictures!! pretty pretty pictures!! hahaha.. i like the picture on your MSN.. hehe.. you look so pretty there.. 🙂 and you FINALLY blogged about this trip lah.. i’ve been waiting and waiting k.. tsk.. hehe..

    i want to go somewhere and relax tooooo..

  8. great.. another trip made to malaysia without paying a visit to a particular someone in penang… very nice daphne… classy .. very classy

  9. cal: hehe thx! n ya.. good things are worth the wait hahaha! n now im waiting for your blog entries!

    boss: penang and tioman are like, how far apart la! haha.. whn i go to penang again i will visit u! i’m not so heartless like someone, come all the way to SG but nvr visit me.. sigh.

    anyway, boss! first thing u do in the morning when u get to the office.. is.. read blogs?! gee.

  10. haha! omg that was just so romantic… an fun. aw i am so jealous. lol. btw what hall your BB staying in? hmph! you ought to accompany me when i am in school, while you are here! girl, miss you!

  11. grce: he stays in hall 10. haha.. if i go to ntu i will definitely drop by to see u! 😀

  12. i love the pictures. esp the ones of you and yr darling kissing and the one where you had yr backs facing the camera. haiiii i miss tioman too. hee.

  13. i love all the pics we took at sunset 🙂 i cant wait to go to tioman again! haha. we shd gather all the happy tioman-ers and go together. that wld b fun. ahha.

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