Posted by: incywincy | August 17, 2006

All work and study makes Daph a … tired girl

In an email to his four daughters, who live in 4 different places, my Dad candidly said:

“Serene finally passed her driving test on the 3rd attempt. Daphne is hereby declared the family record holder! Haha!”

What a wonderfully self-amusing family I have. Bleh.

Today I left work almost on time (6:15pm, after staying back almost every day for the last few days) and went to Boon Lay to have dinner with BB and Gerald. BB and I were walking around rather aimlessly at JP – then Gerald called, and he came and picked us up, and we headed down to Boon Lay Market.

I had bak kut teh, which was abit weird. Why do bak kut teh stall owners feel the need to overload their soup with pepper? I can’t even taste the signature fragrance of the soup anymore. And that’s what I love about the soup. I miss Mom’s cooking – being treated to her bak kut teh is always reason enough to rejoice. I miss Malaysian food. 

I’m so tired. I cannot believe I actually travelled across half of Singapore just to have dinner. Heh. But seeing BB was good. I miss him so much cos we hardly see each other nowadays.

It’s almost my bedtime. I need to wake up early tomorrow to do some work, before going to the office. I worked for 12 hours today. From home, then I went to the office, then worked until I missed lunch, and had a late light meal with Dave at almost 4pm. My gastric is starting to act up again. I better try to stick to regular meal times. I’m a self-professed workaholic – once started, I’m reluctant to disrupt the flow for something as unimportant as food. Haha.

Need to keep an organizer in the office too. Lately I have been doing so many things that I get quite forgetful and confused.

The Energizer Bunny is finally getting a little tired. 

Okay, night.


  1. 3rd time.. now that’s not sooo bad….

  2. but i hold the record.. so.. mine’s more than 3x. haha..

  3. let mine be 2 also!!!!!!!! LOL.

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