Posted by: incywincy | August 15, 2006


Cute Overload!

I just love this website. It’s almost always the first thing I check out after logging on to the internet each morning.

Looking at all those koochie koochie incy wincy animals is such a great way to start my day! (After my morning dose of coffee, I mean) So if you think you’re on a way to having a bad day, open up this site, look at the animals, and just melt. Tee hee!

Flashback: Hmm. Someone I know uses this word a lot: “Cute-ish”. But I can’t remember who. I’m pretty sure it’s a guy. But it doesn’t ring a bell now. Can someone help me?

ETA: I think it’s Jiaming! Is it?

It’s 10:30am. I’ve been in the office since 9:00am. None of my bosses are in yet, and there’s no one else in the office. I’m all alone, it’s eerie. I’ve been planning out my stuff – what I’m going to do next – cos I’ve finished doing the corporate brochures, recruitment forms, courses registration forms yadda yadda yadda.

In case y’all don’t know, I’m working in a real estate and personnel training firm. Hehe. Anyone wanna join me? We’re recruiting real estate consultants (though I’m not one). Haha.

Gonna drink more coffee. We just bought a spanking new coffee machine yesterday! How cool is that? 🙂

Meeting Constance for dinner tonight. I can’t wait. 🙂

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