Posted by: incywincy | August 12, 2006

Missing: One passport, one EP, one cute passport cover

Feeling so sian right now, cos I’m supposed to go home to JB to spend some quality time with my Mommy, my sisters (Elaine and Serene) as well as meet up with Yali for dimsum brunch on Sunday morning.

But stupid careless scatter-brained me just had to go and misplace her passport.

So right now, I have one missing passport, one missing Employment Pass, one missing blue STA Travel passport cover which I loved.

Can someone please give me back my passport?

I’m not going to make a police report yet. Just gonna search for it first. The last time I saw it was on Tuesday, when I brought my passport to the bank to cash a cheque. And now it’s gone!

“Mommmyyyy! It’s overrrr!”



  1. eh… i can make you a passport cover, but can’t help on passport.

    draw one maybe? >.

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