Posted by: incywincy | August 10, 2006

First Day at Work

It was great, I must say. I met up with one of my bosses at Bugis Junction at 11am (my bosses rock man – tomorrow I start at 10am, and 9:30am from Monday onwards) before he brought me to our office. I’d never been there before cos we had our interview at a cafe at Bugis Junction. Tee hee. Anyways, I’m now working at North Bridge Commercial Complex, at a real estate and personnel training company.

When we got to the office, I met with the other two bosses (aka Directors), and we had a discussion about the tasks that I should set myself to immediately, and then they just said, “Okay, we’ll leave it to you now.”

Woo hoo! I love it! I’m happy when my bosses trust me, and give me (almost) a free-rein on the tasks that they set me to. I’m quite independent, and I simply cannot stand having my bosses breathe down my neck while I’m at work. So this is just wonderful! The bosses (David, Dave, and Hoe) are nice guys. They’re actually a recently-merged company (David was on his own previously) and so there’s alot of work to do, since a lot of things have to be started from scratch.

My role is basically chapalang – abit of this, abit of that. So today, when the bosses asked me, “What job title do you want to print on your name card?”, I was quite at a loss (that is, after I got over the shock of the question – “Wah, you mean I can choose?!”) and they suggested something like “Corporate Affairs Executive” or “Business Development Executive”. Gosh, those titles sound so impressive and important! But I’m not lah! I’m just a small small unimportant person in the company. Chapalang Executive. Haha!

Worked mostly on the company brochures today. Quite fun. I feel like I’m doing something useful, so I’m happy.

After work today, while chatting, one of the Sales Associates told me that she’s going to Tekka Mall. She said that it’s within walking distance from our office! I was so excited, so I told her I’d follow her there today, just so I’ll know the walking route! And it’s really very near! It’s just a 15 minute walk, which translates into saving money for me. Hehe. No need to take an MRT from Bugis to Outram, and then to Little India, when I go for my classes after work. 🙂

I took an MRT back to Chinatown after that, and came home to change into shorts and tee, before meeting BB and Gerald and Mian Mian for dinner. We ate until we are so full now! They drove down to Chinatown after lessons at NTU, and we went to the (re-located) Outram Market and Food Centre to eat. Had a whole lot of things to eat. Chwee kueh, orr luak, claypot chicken rice, rock melon juice, sugar cane drink, and finally tutu kueh. Haha.

L to R: chwee kueh, orr luak, claypot chicken rice, tutu kueh

The chwee kueh is sooo good! I’m definitely going back for more. Hehe. I don’t think the claypot chicken rice was that good, though it’s quite famous, apparently. It was just so-so. My mom makes a better claypot chicken rice. The tutu kueh was actually bought at Pearl Centre, on our way back to my place. Haha.

Actually they came down to Chinatown cos I wanted to pass something to Mian Mian. I’d made her a present. Hehe. I must show you guys cos I’m really proud of it! It’s been a long time since I hand-made a present for a friend, and so it felt like an especially big achievement, haha.

Mian Mian’s Memory Box

Pics we took at Tioman! And the blue box is actually a document box. Hehe. Btw, the Tioman entry is still not done. I’ve just been so busy! Hehe.

On Tuesday night, after the interview with David, I came home, packed my stuff, and then went to JP to meet BB for dinner. Then I stayed with him at NTU for a night. He conked out pretty early, but I studied till about 4am. Which means that I was entitled to wake up late. Hehe. But not at 2pm, which erm, I did. Haha!

So anyways. I woke up, lazed around, and started working on Mian Mian’s Memory Box. Dear went out to Popular, so he also went to develop the photos for me. I sorta just cut out the stuff and left them in the box first, cos the photos could only be collected at night.

In the evening, BB cooked pasta with seafood and cream sauce for dinner. I was quite touched. BB always cooks for me.


I think the only time I ever cooked for him was the day when he was at my place, and I actually bothered to cook instant noodles for breakfast. Haha. That was because I was hungry. Haha!

Anyways. Thank you BB, for always cooking for me. Though I suspect it’s because you don’t really trust my (barely existent) culinary skills. Hehe.

‘Kay, I better continue my work stuff. Hehe. I must work hard, get promoted, and study hard too. And BB must also study very very hard! 🙂 So happy to see him so enthusiastic about school nowadays. He actually wanted to rush back to school after dinner just now, to complete his tutorials! Heh.

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