Posted by: incywincy | August 4, 2006

Back from Heaven

And so I’m back from my ‘mysterious disappearance’, as someone called it. Well, just so you all know, I didn’t ‘disappear’. I merely went away for a little R&R with friends, at some marvelously beautiful and exciting and heavenly and serene place called Tioman. I have no idea why I love the place so much – I just do!

In fact, someone said I “can be ambassador of Tioman la”! Haha. I love the idea of it – but only if the Tioman ambassador gets to be a beach bum and live on Tioman forever.

How good that would be.


*snaps out of reverie*

Anyway, I’m now itching to blog about Tioman, but have no photos. Since the boyfriend did not have his camera with him this time round, my photoblog on Tioman will be a tad late – I’ll just have to grit my teeth and patiently wait for Gerald to finish editing his photos before he sends them to me.

It’s our second trip together, but the first for us as a couple. Very sweet, and made more memorable by the fact that we shared this experience with two others who matter something to us – his roomie (aka buddy) Gerald, and his cousin (aka Gerald’s gf) Mian Mian.

Aiyah! I so want to blog about it! But no photos!

Shall have to wait, then. Or blog first, without photos, but don’t publish yet. Hehe.


  1. yes i want to see the pictures! hee.

  2. my my.. guess what i found while browsing the internet

  3. maya: i’ve got the pics on hand now. waiting for my BB to edit them haha.. soon, soon!

    boss stewie: ya la, clever boy. haha.. i’m so honoured to have my blog visited by THE boss. lol. 😛

  4. please please incy.. nothing to be honoured bout.. this will just be the first of many visits

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