Posted by: incywincy | July 30, 2006

Sleepy Sunday

It’s really been a lazy Sunday indeed. BB and I woke up at noon, brushed our teeth, then lazed around in bed some more, until we fell asleep again! Lol. The next time we woke up was actually at 2pm, when Gerald called BB on his cell phone.

After that, we got out of bed, and I cooked instant noodles for dinner – we were too lazy to go out to eat lunch. Haha. I fried 2 eggs, which were supposed to be sunny side ups, but they got abit confused and started looking like scrambled eggs instead. Bleah. We finished lunch off with oranges. Hehe. A simple lunch, after last night’s lavish feast.

BB has been playing Heroes III on my laptop (game courtesy of my housemate YF – I’m going to kill him after BB leaves) since after lunch, so I’ve just been fussing around the house here and there, playing some racing game on his PSP, and napping. Hehe.

Although I’d rather BB not play computer games, cos he gets so absorbed in it, I guess it’s better that he plays while he’s here with me, than if he’s at his room, and I just can’t reach him at all. Hah. I’m feeling sooo sleepy.

But I just woke up from my nap, actually. Haha. Because two idiotic women are quarrelling next door. Bleah. Their voices are shrill and they have an accent which I found quite irritating – it sounded like Taiwanese infused with their local tai yu, but BB said they’re from the southern part of China. Well. I find their slang irritating anyway. Haha.

Later I’m going to meet Mimi! 🙂 She’s just got back from New Jersey (she was on the Work & Travel program), hehe.

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