Posted by: incywincy | July 30, 2006

Dinner at Tian Jin Restaurant

It’s been such a long time since I spent my weekend so leisurely. I didn’t go home this weekend cos I was just really really tired. I know I should have, especially because my it’s been a long time since the entire family got together. Doreen is back from KL, Dad’s back from Surabaya, and Elaine’s back from Scotland. But I was just so tired.

Well, I’ll be back the next time they’re back. I think that would be sometime next month?

Today I woke up around 11:30am, after BB went back to Hall to get some stuff. He stayed here last night after Chinatown-ing. Hehe. Anyway, today he had to go back to Hall to get his Pelican box which he bought for his Nikon D70 some months back, but didn’t really use. So he put it online for sale, and was supposed to deal this afternoon. Well, the point is, I’m just really glad he got rid of that yellow white elephant in his room, which took up so much space, and was such an eyesore.

He finally sold it to a National Geographic photographer! Heh. That was quite interesting. BB got to talk to him as they were dealing today, and he was so excited. Haha.

After that, we went to meet Gerald and his family, and Mian Mian, as well as two of Gerald’s friends, Huggine and Jindong, for dinner.

We had dinner at the Tian Jin Restaurant at Chinatown (near Lucky Chinatown). Yay. I love meeting at Chinatown, cos no need to spend money on travelling. Muahahahahaha. Well, today’s dinner was on Gerald’s parents. Truth be told, BB and I felt bad that his parents treated all of us to a 10-course dinner at such an expensive restaurant! We’d have felt happy with a tze char dinner at a hawker centre of something, and we really didn’t expect a 10-course dinner! But well, dinner was really really lavish.

We had too much food, actually. Haha. There was chicken, scallops with asparagus, fish, “Nestum” prawns, sharks fin (sigh), broccoli with 赛螃蟹 (I don’t know what it’s called in English, but basically it’s fish meat that tastes like crab – totally yummilicious!), deer meat, noodles, and two types of dessert! The desserts deserve special mention – the first one was red bean pancake while the second one was called 拔丝地瓜 (caramelized sweet potato).

It was my first time eating the caramelized sweet potato. It’s very interesting. It’s served as seen in the picture (the pics were plucked off Google images, and they’re not mine – but please don’t sue me). The sweet potato pieces are hot, and you use your chopsticks to pull them off before they totally harden. It’s served with a bowl of cold water, which you dunk your sweet potato into, to harden the caramel. After that, you take a bite into the exterior-cold-interior-hot potato. It’s really very good! I want to go to China too! How come so many nice things to eat? Haha.

Anyway, dinner was really extravagant, like I said, and we all left the place each weighing 5kgs heavier than we did before dinner. Heh. BB and I took a stroll home, and he’s been playing Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on his PSP. I watched him for awhile, then I got abit restless, so I transferred photos from his phone to my computer, and now I’m blogging.

Tomorrow is Sunday! I’m so happy. I love lazy Sundays.

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