Posted by: incywincy | July 26, 2006

Angels & Demons

Finished reading Dan Brown‘s Angels & Demons this morning while on my way to work. It’s so astonishingly good that I’ve been thinking alot about it all day today.

What seemed to me at first like a pagan story about Roman Catholicism vs Science turned out to be an exciting thriller that kept me turning the pages till the very last word. Rather than being anti-God, this novel actually argued that Science proved that God exists. It tells of the story of an ancient brotherhood, the Illuminati, who were made up mainly of renowned artists and scientists.

The plot is so intricate, but I loved that every bit fell into place in the end, and nothing was left unexplained. The pace at which the story unravelled was just perfect. This may just be fiction – the storyline – but it made me realise that God and Science can co-exist. In fact, it says in the book that Science provides the answer to some of our questions, then it creates more questions. But God is the explanation for all things wondrous. God is the reason why there is Science!

Well, just my personal opinion.

I also found the ambigrams used in the book really amazing. Click on the link and play around with the ambigrams! You can hover your cursor over the pictures of the ambigrams to make them rotate. Go on! 🙂

Finished rotating them ambigrams? Hehe. I created one for my BB sometime ago, but it’s not as intricate as those in the book.

Well. Although alot of the book is fiction, much of the places, sculptures, art, and historical figures are real. They may not really mean what the book took them to represent, but they’re there all right. I just can’t wait to read the other Dan Brown books! I know I’m kinda slow, but I’m getting there!


  1. I really loved reading this book !! Loads of stuff to reflect!

  2. yeah! i also thought so. kept thinking abt it after i finished reading. 🙂

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