Posted by: incywincy | July 22, 2006

Early Saturday Morning

Got woken up by a flurry of SMS-es beeping on my phone. Why do so many people deem it acceptable to send SMS-es at 9:30am in the morning?

And my Dear was one of them. He asked me to help him check whether he has been allocated a General Elective for the coming semester.

It was hell, trying to check, because the NTU portal is just so messy! Someone should really revamp it. Well, for an ex NIE student, I never used any of those functions – edveNtUre, Webmail, STARS, StudentLINK and all that crap. The links are really all over the place!

Anyway, I’m in NTU now. Dear’s gone to work at Nature’s Desire at “Bukit Timah Hill”.

Well, as I was saying to Zhiwei last night on MSN, “Bukit Timah Hill” is an example of redundancy.

Bukit = Hill
Timah = Tin
Hill = well, hill.

So you put 2 and 2 together and you’d find that it actually sounds stupid. Haha. It’s like saying “Mount Everest Mountain”.

I miss my BB – he’s such a poor thing, had to go to work this morning even though he was so ill last night. He was so ill that when I tried to hug him while he was sleeping, he grunted and rolled over to the other side. Haha! So adorable, my BB.

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