Posted by: incywincy | July 18, 2006

An Unreasonable Customer

Today my job scope was a little different from the past few days’, which was essentially to write SOPs and detailed Daily Activity Reports all day long. *rolls eyes*

Today I assisted my Sales Director (my actual boss, not the idiot manager mentioned in the previous post) in writing letters to dissatisfied customers – mostly customers who demanded compensation from the company for this and that, or complained that our Credit Control personnel keeps asking them for payment, or that our Sales Execs did not follow up with the artwork until months after signing the contract, etc.

Most of these customers are an unreasonable lot, which explains why the Sales Director had to handle them herself, instead of the Customer Service Manager (aka my idiot manager). Well she didn’t really ‘handle’ them herself per se, since I was the one writing the letters on her behalf. But at least, she bothered to read them, make some amendments, and sign them before I sent them out. Haha. I feel like a Personal Assistant today.


Today my idiot manager was out of the office for the entire day, so the rest of the department has basically just been taking it easy. Haha. As my Primary 5 and 6 Math teacher Mr Noordin used to say, “When the cat is away, the mice begin to play!”

I still remember him, and the comical way in which he would reprimand us, for making a din in the classroom, whenever he stepped out of the classroom for just a minute or two.

It’s amazing, the useless things I remember from my childhood days.

Anyway, back to the task that I had earlier today. One particular customer was so unbelivably unreasonable. This was our fourth and final letter to him.

Basically, he was complaining because we listed one of his products as Unifl*x instead of Unafl*x. Mind you, this was a free listing that we provided,and according to Clause 7 of our Advertising Contract,

“All complimentary listings and linkages given are strictly at the publisher’s discretion and are not part of this contract. Advertiser will not be able to claim monetary refund or compensation for any listings and linkage not listed or listed incorrectly.”

He claimed to have lost at least SGD 1,000,000 worth of business due to the wrongly listed brand name, which led to his prospective customers not being able to find his company, and therefore, he wanted us to compensate him for this loss.

There is no case at all, because of that clause included in the advertising contract!

Anyway, when our Customer Service Executive sent him a letter of apology, offering compensation in the form of a free advertisement, he rejected it, saying that the CSE was in no position and had no right to communicate with him. Then he demanded that the Manager correspond with him instead, whereby he demanded that the Manager be at his office to meet him at 10am sharp the next morning.

However, when the Manager went to see him personally, he was made to wait for 5 hours, from 10am to 3pm, before he (the customer) came back. No explanation was given as to why he was late. Later on, during the discussion, he yelled at the Manager, verbally abusing him, insulted him, called him an “idiot” and the demanded that a “higher authority” deal with him instead.

Now, I agree that my Manager is an idiot, but it’s so unprofessional of that man to call business associates by such names! I learnt that he did the same thing to previous Sales Execs who handled his account, and also to our Sales Director.

Anyway, the case was henceforth pass to my boss, the Sales Director. The customer demanded a letter of apology from my boss the next morning (giving us less than 24 hours to investigate the case), but my boss conceded to his demands.

The next morning, we had an internal meeting from 8am to 11am, and that same customer called three times, at one-hour intervals, from 8:30am, 9:30am and 10:30am, demanding for his letter of apology via fax. I finally faxed the letter at 11:38am, but we did not nullify our promise of sending him the letter in the morning, did we?

Well, that made him even more pissed off. But hey, our company’s revenue doesn’t depend on his company’s account alone, and we have other matters to attend to as well. He’s not our only customer!

In the end, I wrote a 3-page long letter, listing out a summary of all prior correspondences between him and our company’s employees, during which he kept rejecting our apologies amidst making unreasonable demands, all of which invariably ended with either:

“… failing which, legal action will be taken against your company.”


“… failing which, a lawsuit will be dealt to your company.”

I saved two of the particularly hilarious extracts from the letter that I wrote him, just for you guys! Here goes:

“We hereby also regretfully inform you that we will not be able to accomodate your request of having a meeting at your office tomorrow morning, as we are unable to further subject our staff to your verbal abuse and name-calling, as this may eventually cause them emotional distress. Kindly understand that we will also not hesitate to take legal action against your company should such harrassment continue.”


“Numerous other attempts by us to apologize over the phone were also duly rejected by you. You demanded that we be silent, or in your own words, to “Shut up!” whenever we attempted to apologize and explain that we could not accommodate your demands for a meeting with our Customer Service Manager, our Information Manager, and myself. You also demonstrated a lack of professionalism through your name-calling, by which you labelled our Customer Service Manager an “idiot”.”


Kind of unprofessional, but my boss said it’s okay, as this is the last letter we are ever writing to him, and we won’t be welcoming his business anymore next year!

Anyway. This is the end of the “funny-incident-at-work” story for today. 🙂

Today Baby and I met up with Justin at Junction8 for dinner. After awhile, we finally decided to eat Chinese food, so we ate yummy tze char at a coffeeshop near J8. We had black pepper crabs, claypot tofu, 豆苗 (dou miao) and some chicken. I can’t remember what it’s called. Anyway. I loved the crabs! Haha. I mean, I’ve probably eaten better, but it’s still yummy anyway! Haha.

Hmm today was the first day that BB and I went out together, since he came back from Beijing. I’m so so so so so so happy that he’s back with me again. 🙂 I just wish that I could spend more time with him. I leave the house at 6:55am every morning, and I am home only by 7:15pm. I have less than 4 waking hours with him everyday. It’ll be worse when he moves back to Hall.

Anyway, after dinner this evening, we went to Justin’s place, which was just nearby, and hung out there for a bit. There’s an empty room at Justin’s place now. How I wish I could move there! Then I’d be able to wake up at 7:30am, and leave the house by 7:45am and still make it to work on time. Best of all, I don’t have to spend money on transport! Haha. But the difference in rental between that at his place and at my current place would probably be enough to cover my transport fees. Haha.

Oh well.

So fun, Justin’s place. So big! Haha, maybe I’ve been living at this small house for too long. His living room is like the size of my entire house. 😦 Can keep doggies there! Hehe! And rabbits. Lalala!


  1. his rm big meh… tot ur rm is aorund e same size.

  2. his living room is big. his room is abt same size as mine.. but his whole house is bigger than mine la.. haha.

  3. haha.. but for them no one stay in the living rm, no table no tv, so kinda wasted.

  4. hehe.. surprised? The extracts r so funny.. Can’t believe u actually wrote the “shut up” and “idiot” thingy. Guess ur Sales Director muz have been super pissed to actually approve them. wahaha..

  5. haha i wrote them cos i wanted to demonstrate how much of an idiot he is! lol. n my sales director was reali pissed lah. haha.. anyways. that customer wrote back a 4-page long letter to scold us back. n we jus ignored it. my director told me…

    “just file the letter. let him sue us all he wants.”


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