Posted by: incywincy | July 14, 2006

How People Find My Blog

This is really absurd. This is the entire list of search terms that led Googlers and Yahoo-ers to my blog in the last seven days. The really ‘amazing’ ones in bold:

shwu huey blog 2
sms on new house warming 1
jade seah 1
daphne loo incy wincy 1this person obviously knows me, so why?
big boobs 80 hh 1 
elvin ng 1
silky girl singapore 1
“elvin ng” “cal” 1
Daphne 1
sick guinea pigs 1 – i don’t remember ever blogging about sick guinea pigs!
silky girl malaysia 1
incy wincy 1
calories burnt by shivering 1
kek huay tea 1
lee calyn 1
how to go to bishan by using bus 1
catharine chong 1
2006 email address choong worried in mal 1
low immunity 1
elise starhub 1
Crystal Ho France 1
Leave the Office Earlier blog 1
pinipig polvoron 1
incy tower 1
Penang Bus Transport 1
menses “photos” 1wtf?
steamboat tiong bahru 1
eyebrow threading clementi singapore 1
interview school receptionist 1
JJ lin Malaysia Promo tour 2006 1
choose parents wisely quote 1
photo of JJ lin promo tour 06 1
\’Silky Girl\’ 1
teeth scaling 2
dou sa bing penang 2
incy wincy 1
yan-zi photos 1
ntu nanyang business school melissa 1
do re mi foodcourt 1
clean diner pink flowers 1
msn adri blog 1
Jan Republic Poly 1
daphne loo NIE blog 2someone’s stalking me!
trixy+chris 2 – as well as trixy and chris!
selena vera hey 2 – and selena too!
“The juice is worth the squeeze” Moral f 1
daphne wordpress 1
Say thank you letter for Birthday celebr 1
pink pbl phone 1
incy wincy web ed 1
how meet the cast of fd3 1
irritated by colleagues preparing food i 1
menses photos 1 – some people are just really sick!
debra ling 1
Carol Cheong Miss Singapore 1
temp admin mrt 1
eyebrow trimming singapore holland villa 1
singtel fresh grad salary 1
tooth scaling 1
temp admin clerk mrt 1
mp3 incy wincy 1
cooking dumplings 1
bishan 1
after scaling and polishing sore gums 1
pei du mama 1
kurung 3
trixy tang 2
screens in dhoby ghaut world cup 1
low immunity 1
incy wincy 1
sony cybershot dental 1
dental care malaysia 1
silky girl 1
Ling LEe, Miss SIngapore 1
silky girl powder 1
joanne peh 1
serene cheong blog 1
bernice wang miss singapore 1
carol cheong 1
real menses pics 1 sicko!
menses real pic 1 – again?!
jj lim and nicholas ong 1
Hahn “8DAYS” 1
tian hei hei piano 1
pretty koi pictures 1
new layout for my bed room 1
Watching Lilo And Friends 1
tian hei hei midi 1
holland village lunch 2
jj lin tour 1
jj lin very singapore 1
tian hei hei piano 1
tian hei hei midi 1
”tian hei hei” midi 1
jj lin blog 1
jj lin write songs 1
ass firewoman 1
trixy 1
xiangying girl 1
teeth scaling 1
“girls melt” 1
incy tower 1
dentist filling small cavities pictures 1
Mimi Basu 1
Is singtel a lousy place to work? 1 – gosh i can’t believe this!
jj lin malaysia concert 1
suntec city receptionist 1
Li Lin “Jason Hahn” 1
incy mean 1


  1. I think the sick guinea pigs part.. wasn’t it you who blogged about the guinea pigs we had back in Jakarta?

  2. ya… but i dint write that they were sick ma.. hmm weird la haha.. i think the guinea pigs came from one post, n the sick came from another part of my blog.. so.. haha.

  3. yeee… daphne showed this kind of photos..

    must ask YF and HH to clean up b4 i go visit next time..

  4. i neverrrr! its ppl anyhow search thn i also dunno why this kinda thing lead to my blog lor! haha.. aiya.. nvm la i clean up la.. cos they clean thn not clean one..! lol. guys maa!

  5. “daphne loo incy wincy” I think that was me when i was back in JB.. cannot remember your blog url lah, it’s usually in my bookmarks.. pai seh.. hehehe….


  7. aiya…. old already ma….

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