Posted by: incywincy | July 14, 2006

Acting Busy by Blogging

I’m so bored at work, that I have been walking around, or re-typing documents just to appear busy. I really have nothing to do, because the Sales Teams are reluctant to part with a portion of their commission which will go to me, if they pass on their artwork to me. I’m supposed to liaise with the clients in all matters regarding artwork, but if they don’t want to give to me, and insist on holding on to it till the end, what can I do? By now, they should have completed 70% of their artwork already, but as I understand from the reports generated from the computer, only 40% is completed! So in the end, there will be a backlog, and suddenly everyone will want to throw their artwork out for me to complete. WTF.

Bored bored bored. Going home soon.


  1. material things will only keep you occupied for a short time. then you’ll get bored of it. and you’ll keep getting more things to replace them. i know. i’ve wasted lots of money on music cds mostly and i realised i rather listen to radio. so do check yourself when you buy things, or one day you’ll see a whole pile of junk in your room that you don’t need. i know.

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