Posted by: incywincy | July 13, 2006

In the wake of the 2006 World Cup

… a certain household at 201 Pearl’s Hill Terrace is facing terrible World Cup withdrawal symptoms, and have thus, started betting on…

Singapore Idol 2!

Hahahaha! $1 that ___ is out next week! I’ll match that for ___ getting the boot!

Haha. We’re really sad people who have no life. After work everyday, we come home to our little haven, and watch TV together while eating our late dinner.

The weekend is coming again. Baby, I’m waiting for you to come home!

Today has been an emotional and worrying day for me. I hope everything will smooth over, and that you’ll be home soon with me.

One last day tomorrow, before we wrap the week. Should I dress formal, or should I dress down? I’m quite lazy to iron my shirts and skirts.

I think I’ll do some cleaning. There’s lots of hair on the floor! I also need to do my laundry. Tee hee!


  1. woo.. so boliao the ppl of that house..

    btw, u watched WC final? din sleep tat night ah?

  2. haha now we got internet connection le.. i think everyone wil jus b bz with their own stuff lor! haa.. sad.. internet makes ppl anti social!

    ya i watched! tht nite i set alarm clock to wake up at 2am! thn the yewfai n the honghai pangseh-ed me n they nvr wake up lor.. blehh!

  3. oyea.. much harder to wake them than to keep them awake… mission impossible..

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