Posted by: incywincy | July 12, 2006

Long Days at Work.

I start my days at 6:30am when I drag myself out of bed. I leave the house at 6:55am, and reach the office at 7:50am. Then we have meeting from 8am till 9:30am daily, and work ends at 5:45 now. When production period begins, work will be from 8am to 5pm, and half day on Saturday. But that’s just 2 months in a year. 

Been meaning to blog, but I’m just so lazy. Work’s quite boring, yet hectic. Is that a contradicting?

It’s 4 days to Baby’s return, and I’m just looking forward to it all the time. It keeps me going when I find that my life is directionless. I’m getting to enjoy work abit more, though I think I’m not being fully exploited for my capabilities yet. Haha. I’m just too free at work! Does that sound bad? Hmm. When I was at Titan, I just knew what to do, but at Promedia, I don’t. When I have nothing to do, I look around, and no one sits near me, so I can’t talk to anyone. Blah.

I miss Audrey and Michelle. Speaking of them, last weekend I cooked up a storm (well, for me it’s a big feat) and invited them over for lunch. Yew Fai and Yizheng had the (mis)fortune of being at my invites-only lunch. Haha. I cooked Prawn Risotto and Chicken Potato Patties, which actually became tze char chicken with potato, boo. But they tasted quite good! The Prawn Risotto was not bad, if I may say so. Haha. The rice was flavourful and tasted rich, albeit a little hard. There seemed to be too many prawns, though. Haha! But too many is better than too little.

We had a great time catching up, and Aud and Mich were just filling us in about what’s been happening at Titan, cos Zhiwei also left the company.

Watched Singapore Idol 2 just now. I bought the SGI magazine, and wrote down the comments and scores in it. 8Days also featured the Top 12, and there was a poster in it, with stickers such as “Week 1 Out!” and “Underdog” and “Winner!” etc. Quite fun! Heh.

Haiyah. Need to stop blogging. Am doing some work stuff.

I. Must. Concentrate. And. Finish. Soon. And sleep early.

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