Posted by: incywincy | July 10, 2006

WC 2006 Finals

Everytime I watch the World Cup 2006 matches on my lousy TV, it seems as if there are more than 22 players on the field. Because of my lousy antenna, there are double, sometimes triple images of the players’ bodies. Haha!

But I’m still thankful that I get to watch the WC, and it’s free too! I watch the matches on SCTV, an Indonesian channel. Tee hee!

Although I don’t blog about WC or about football, trust me, it’s been in my life everyday for the past one month!

Almost 90 mins already, 1-1 now. I hope France will win. Maybe it’s just the nostalgic me, I miss the days of France 98, when sis and I would stay up for the matches, eat Indomie, and a whole load of other junk food. Haha. But sis is now supporting Italy (everyone else is!) while I want France to win, since my original fave teams are out (Brazil and Sweden). France will triumph! Les Bleus!


  1. ALL HAIL ITALY!!!! know I love you =)

  2. still feeling disappointed in france’s loss.. zidane zidane. sigh.

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