Posted by: incywincy | July 8, 2006

Mount Faber

On Thursday, I attended the Keppel Group Scholarships Award Ceremony, with my good friend Shwu Huey, and her sis, Shwu Jiun.

We met up at the Harbourfront Cable Car Centre, and took a (scary) ride up to Mount Faber.

Here’s the star of the day, our NP BIT Gold Medallist, and Keppel Scholar.

Lee Shwu Huey!

The award ceremony was held at Jewel Box at Mount Faber. It was my first time there! So gorgeous, the place.

But not the outside. The sunflowers were abit overdone, don’t you think.

Look at the view.

I love this place – nice ambience. Shall we go there soon, Dear?

Me, of course. What’s a photoblog without a cam-loving-self-loving girl? Haha.

Me, again. Trying to look demure. Heh.

They had really nice toilets!

With a fishtank!

And nice sinks.

A sheltered pathway outside.

Flower, morning glory?

Me and Shwu Jiun

Huey and her sis.

Don’t you think they look so much alike?

You are my sun-flower, my only flower, you make me happy when skies are grey!


More sunflowers!

After we had enough of photo-taking, we went inside, and the ceremony started at about 4:30pm. Introduction, Speech by Guest-of-Honour, bla bla bla.

Award presentation!

The six 2006 Keppel scholars and the Keppel senior management people.

Then there was a reception with some yummy food. Tee hee!

Huey was busy talking to people, so we also busied ourselves eating and taking photos!

Cable cars!

Afterwards, we walked went back to Harbourfront Mall and walked around. Went to Vincci and saw this absolutely adorable and gorgeous pair of wedges. But I didn’t buy them. *sighs* So gorgeous. I really want them! But I didn’t wanna spend the $29.90, and I felt that I’ve been spending quite alot recently. I’m not sure on what either. Perhaps just on food, transport, knick-knacks around the house, etc.

Talking about my house, here’s what I see every morning when I open the door.

Yes, I live that near to the CBD!

Zoom in!

I love the view.

Especially at night. 🙂


  1. wow i saw this place in some ch8 drama. i wanna go there too! did u check out the prices for like drinks? must be ex.

    and i love the pic of your friends sister with the sunflowers backdrop. it’s a good portrait. especially with her pastel yellow top. everyone should get one of those (the portrait i mean). 🙂

    hugs. don’t forget saturday, my church anniversary.

  2. i think its ex! tho i dint chk it out.. heh.. but u pay for the ambience n the service. lol.

    wahaha. u praised my photography skills? *smiles*

    n yeah i wont forget our ‘date’ this saturday! 🙂

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