Posted by: incywincy | July 4, 2006

New job, new phase of life

At work now, but my new company doesn’t have internet connection at all the workstations, so I’m going to post this after work. The reason for not having internet is that most of the staff are on the sales team, and are not in the office most of the time, so no point wiring up the whole place. Also, as we all know, internet connections at workstations means that productivity will be lowered, and I guess our boss recognizes it. I’m okay with that. I foresee that I will be so busy that I won’t be able to log on much! If I need to use internet to check mail urgently, I can always go to the R&D department, or IT department, where they have free access terminals. Hehe.

So far I’m quite happy working here, though this is just the boring part, going through the training. I can’t wait to get started, get busy, go out and meet clients, and learn more new things. Also, I just found out today that I am the only Sales Co-ordinator in the company! My gosh. Pressurizing! Never thought that I’d go into an advertising company, but here I am! I’ve always been quite horrid to the OCBC and SingTel people regarding their advertisements in Tribune last time – it’s karma, I tell you. Now I have to do something similar, but have to be very very professional, cos they are our clients. In the past, OCBC and SingTel (and other companies) basically have their ads printed in our newspaper monthly, but because I’m not the one who gets the sponsorship deals from them, so I can be as horrid as I want. Oops. I mean, I can be demanding, ask them to hand in the artwork way before the deadline (of cos they don’t know this) and ask them to make changes to the ad when it doesn’t meet the requirements. But here, I have to be very very polite and patient when asking them for the artwork of the ads to be printed in our directory, and go back and forth, between our in-house designers, and the clients, because some clients just tell us what they want in the ad, and our in-house designers have to do the designing, then we must bring it back to the clients, get them to approve it, and if any changes are made, we go back to the designers again. Back and forth, back and forth, like that, till the clients are satisfied.

Basically, from what I understand, I will be servicing customer accounts only after the sales people have closed the deal, so I don’t have to do any actual sales. Usually, the salesperson who closes the deal will actually liaise with the clients, but sometimes they get too busy, and the clients just keep dragging their feet in submitting the artwork for the advertisements, or the components that they want to be included in the ad, in the case that our in-house designers are the ones who design.

Actually, I think I will like this job, because I have dealt with advertisements before, and I know the requirements and specifications. Also, I have pretty good (if I may say so, haha) ideas, and I can get things done faster cos I can give ideas for ads for clients, especially for those small companies who have no prior experience in placing advertisements.

Second day of training, but I feel quite bored with it, cos I hate training! I just want to start work. Yet I know that if I just start, I will be lost cos I don’t know what is going on. Haha. Still, I insist that I’d rather just get started, and be busy. Hehe.

Today’s the 4th of July. Dear and I have been together for 3 months exactly! Unfortunately, he’s not here with me now, but I wish he was. 12 more days before his return. I’m really counting down! Haha. That’s not so bad, right? I’ll be working for 3 more days this week, then it’s the weekend. So that’s 5 days gone, then I have one more week to go! 5 more days of work, 1 day on Saturday, then he’ll be back the next day!

See BB, I miss you so much! 🙂 Happy 3rd month anniversary, Baby. I love you!

ETA: Will update again tonight with the “10 Things that I’m Thankful for in My Life Today” later. Now at Junction 8’s MacDonalds, waiting for Justin. So happy to meet him for dinner. I haven’t seen him since I moved into my new place! 🙂


  1. I’m warming up my wings, ready to fly back soon. Haha…

    Enjoy ur dinner dear~

  2. i’m here… still here.. waiting for you to come home. i love you.

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