Posted by: incywincy | July 3, 2006

My Life’s 10 Simple Pleasures

In a lousy attempt to get me to blog (before I actually ended my hiatus), Raj tagged me last week, to do a meme titled “Life’s 10 Simple Pleasures”.

But I’ve decided to modify it slightly, and write a “daily” (or as often as I can) update on the “10 Things that I’m Thankful for in My Life Today”.

1) Being able to watch as many World Cup matches as I want to, in the past few weeks
2) Having two great housemates, who don’t mind that I’m a girl, to watch soccer with
3) Being able to take a slow walk, watching people hurry past me
4) Spending 5 minutes on the phone every night with my boyfriend who is thousands of miles away in Beijing
5) Receiving emails and SMSes from my family members who are scattered around the world, reminding me that they love me and miss me
6) Getting to know new colleagues, who immediately include me in their lunch clique, and who tell me jokes about themselves to get me to warm up to them
7) Having a job in a company where everyone smiles at one another
8) Feeling healthy (though slightly achy) after running up and down 12 storeys five times
9) Being able to learn new things everyday
10) Having housemates who can lend me textbooks for business core modules to start studying

Started work today at Promed*a, and I’m really happy I found this job. I’m learning lots, and the experience has been great today. Though I’m still on training (will be, for the next 2 weeks), I’m quite excited about the job already. The travelling is quite tiring though, but that’s because I’m blur.

This morning, wanted to take the bus number 54 to work, but waited on the wrong side of the road. Boarded the bus, and 2 stops later, I was at Outram Interchange, and everyone had to get off! What the… Anyway, after that, I decided not to take the bus, and I took the train instead. Then I sat in the train, and forgot to alight at Raffles Place to change to the North-South line to go to Bishan. I reached Bugis before I realised my blunder. So I took a train back, and alighted at City Hall to catch the right train to Bishan.

Upon reaching Bishan, I went to Macs to get a Milo, cos I didn’t have breakfast at home. Then I was told by the server that if I add 30cents, I can get a Sausage MacMuffin! Wow! Great promo. Haha. Ate my breakfast while taking a slow and long walk (20 minutes) to my office, from Bishan Junction 8.

There was this other new guy, a Sales Exec, named Kevin. He’s 24, but he looks 20. Lol. Training started promptly at 8am, and we just went on and on and on until it was lunch time. Got to know quite a few people – Devi (our trainer and HR officer), Indra (the other HR officer), Alvin (Training Manager), the Marketing Exec (I forgot his name) and Hendra (the IT guy). They told us some funny stories, and we all had a good lunch. I’ve got to learn how to eat cai fan (mixed rice) cos that’s like the only thing available at the coffeeshop nearby! Gosh. I hate mixing my rice with my dishes. 😦

After work, I wanted to try to take the bus home to see how much it will cost, plus how long it will take. Again, I stupidly waited on the wrong side of the road, and was told so when the bus came 15 minutes after waiting. So I crossed the road and waited again, for another 10 minutes. The entire bus ride took 1 hour. So long! I shan’t take the bus again. But I found out that Bus 56 and 57 goes to my school (SHRI), so I’ll be taking those buses often when I start lessons there.

I slept abit in the bus. When I reached home, I gallantly decided to torture my limbs by running up and down the stairs at my block seven times.  But I managed to do only five sets. Well, good enough for a start. Am going to try to do this often. I jogged abit after that, and went out to buy fruits for dinner. Am going to try to live a healthier life. 🙂

Lucky that I can get wireless network in my room. Am going to post this, then go to bed. Got to wake up before the sun rises tomorrow. 6:20am!

But I’m thankful I have a job. 🙂


  1. hey daphne, wanted to tell you this since quite long ago, i really admire your courage for changing ur path! glad tat you are now on your way. All the best!

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