Posted by: incywincy | July 1, 2006

Moderation of Comments

Due to some retard called PatriX (from NTU Hall 10) who also posts comments here as Wenquan (an imposter, no doubt), all comments will now have to go through moderation before they appear on my site.

I thank all my friends for leaving comments for me!

Hope that abovementioned idiot called PatriX will think about how stupid his actions are, which no doubt show that he is simply childish. I really can’t be bothered about all those defamatory comments people write about me, but the stupidity of some people really get on my nerves.

I also apologize for taking down my tagboard again. I’m too lazy to delete stupid people’s comments.

Hmm. I’m now at Macs at Queenstown Shopping Centre. Hong Hai and I went to Ikea earlier on, but couldn’t find what we want. Oh well.


  1. some pple ARE just butt-stupid, aren’t they? hahaha.. but glad to see that ur doin ok, and leeching off mac’s internet.. haha well done. n sorry abt not being able to catch u on msn =P have been leaving it on, n then missing everyone *sigh* which of coz defeats the purpose of switching it on.. haha bye babe =)

  2. Haha, you’re back blogging! Not long ago; I signed up for Singnet 512kbps, it’s $29.95 per month; the registeration fee was waived and I got a $50 Best Denki Voucher!

  3. sel: i agree. stupid ppl get on my nerves lah. haha.. im now leeching off someone else’s wireless, in my room. but the connection is unstable and very weak! lol. nvm.. i jus need to log on for awhile n post blog entries, n download my emails, n reply some msgs on the blog if i can! ahhaha.. i miss you la you doo doo. tk care. i wil read ur blog whn i can get STRONG wireless network connection. lol.

    bohchap: we decided to go with the 3500kbps afterall. but will only get it later this wk or nxt wk. some screwups lah. haha but its ok we’re too bz working to worry abt whether we haf internet connection anot.. lol.

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