Posted by: incywincy | June 30, 2006

Internet woes

I’m so used to typing on Notepad now, that even though I’m at Macs, and have access to the internet now, I am still blogging on Notepad. Haha.

I reached Bishan Junction 8’s MacDonalds at about 8am. Came here early to do some surfing and check out the directions to the places that I’m going to later in the day. Got to go to “my new company” to meet the sales director later. Basically to know more about the job, and discuss the terms of employment with HR Manager.

I’m so unused to MSN-ing nowadays that when I arrive at Macs and log on, I don’t even remember to log in to MSN. Heh. I guess I’ll survive without it, and have to anyway, because I won’t have the time to MSN when I start at my new job, wherever that is. I still have to attend classes at night.

Anyway, my housemates and I are going to apply for SingNet broadband. We’re going for the 1500kbps plan at $43/month. It’s quite slow for 3 people to use, but we’re opting for that cos it’s a one year contract. The 3500kbps plan is more worth it, at $47/month, but the contract is 2 years. Not very smart to sign for 2 years cos after 1 year we might move, and then we have to move the ADSL line too, which means we have to pay another $30? No point. Besides, all we need the internet for is MSN-ing and Skype-ing. Haha. And blogging. Ha. But I hope it won’t be crawling.

Anyway, we can actually get an internet connection now, but it’s not really needed yet, so we figured we’d wait for a roadshow to sign up, cos that way we can save $42 on the registration fee, which is waived at roadshows. Didn’t know that, did you? Haha. Anyways, YF is always at work till 9 plus, and HH and I are always out, so we can use the Net connection at Macs.

Last night HH and I went for supper at S11! Haha. I slept through dinner, and when I woke up, HH was hungry again (he had dinner at 6, before I went to bed). See, living with guys is good, because there is always someone hungry at any one time. Haha.

Think I shall go to the office around 9:30am, and see if they can see me earlier, so that I have time to go for my medical appointment earlier. Dr Lee is flexible. That way I have more time to make my way to my first interview for today. It’s really quite a rush for me!

Okay, gotta get ready to start my day! (My days start from Mac nowadays, tsk tsk tsk)

*sings* Let’s start from the very beginning,
A very good place to start.
When you read you begin with A-B-C
When you sing you begin with Do-Re-Mi…

Who can tell me where this song is from? Haha.

Wah, the Wireless at Bishan Macs is so unstable! Got disconnected just as I wanted to post the blog entry! Bah.


  1. it’s “at the very beginning”

  2. From The Sound of Music by Julie Andrews! 😉

  3. Gosh, I remembered that. Durn… I feel old….

  4. haha. we’re all old. oh well. just try to.. erm.. pretend that ure young! lol

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