Posted by: incywincy | June 29, 2006

Good news!

More changes. It seems as if my life will never settle down. Yesterday, after I blogged, I found out that I have to try to get a job afterall.

This is the problem. Fees for Diploma in Business and Human Resources Management at SHRI:

Part-time student at SHRI, with work permit (ie with full-time job): $3,700

Full-time student at SHRI, with student pass (ie with no job): $6,500.

WTF?! Anyway, it’s really stupid. The ICA, in issuing student passes to students at private institutions, have a regulation that the schools have to send them attendance records to show that we are really going for classes, and not just getting a pass in order to get a job here.

I’m not going to pay an extra $3000 to SHRI and ICA for monthly attendance reports.

So anyway, I started looking for jobs again, and got called for interview for a few of them.

The first one, at Chinatown’s People’s Park Centre was convenient. A 10 minute walk from my place. It’s an admin job. In a maid agency. Not very glam, not very nice to write on a future graduate’s resume.

The second job I got called for interview was at Defu Lane. That’s in the faraway lands of Hougang where there’s only one bus service, maybe. Haha. Just kidding. But it is very far away, indeed!

The third one was at Bishan, at an SME which produces the business and commercial directory, called “The Gr*en B*ok”. Some of you may have seen it. Anyway, I applied for the Receptionist cum Admin position.

Reached the place at 2pm, and started filling out a 2-page form. Had my first round of interview with the HR officer (a nice Malay lady), then second round interview with the HR manager (a Chinese guy called Francis). Which was when they actually told me that I’m over-qualified for the receptionist job. Haha. I was like, “Oh, it’s okay, I don’t mind.”

And they said, “But the pay is low. So we’re offering you…”

Phwoar. I had to ask them to repeat that sentence cos I didn’t hear anything else after that phrase. Haha. “We’re offering you…” Heh.

It’s a Sales Co-ordinator job. Basically it’s not really a sales job, because the job scope is actually “customer account servicing” instead of “selling”.

But yeah! I got a job! Heh. Meeting with the Sales Director tomorrow at 10am, as well as the HR guy again, to discuss the job scope, terms of employment, etc. But yeah! I got a job! Haha. I’m so happy.

After that, I’ve got a doctor’s appointment at 11:30am.

Just now, I just got called for yet two other interviews. One at 12:30pm (I’m really going to take cab, for this one) and the other at 2:15pm.

The one at 12:30pm is for the post of “Academic Secretary”. I have zero idea what that means, but it’s at the Singap*re Instit*te of C*mmerce, at Dhoby Ghaut area (good location for me, after work can take NEL to school!). And the pay advertised on the newspaper sounds good! Haha. But I think they might find me underqualified for that kinda pay. Well, even if they offer me something less, I’ll take it too. Lol. I’m just surprised that they even called me for interview.

The later one is actually a receptionist job at a medical center. Which sounds pretty good to me too, especially since the job is in the town area (Orchard Boulevard). Well, I’ll just go for the interviews and see what happens.

Gonna take a nap now. It’s 6:07pm. I’ve been out since 8:45am, so tired now! HH is not home yet. And of course, YF isn’t – he’s usually not home till 10pm. Work so hard, this guy. Heh.

I’m just so happy to be employed. Though I’ve not signed any letter of offer or contract yet. Haha. I can now proudly say that I am no longer unemployed. 🙂

ETA: Yeah, another job interview, for next Wednesday. Junior Secretary at a Law firm. I think it’s gonna be a tough job and a monotonous one. Alot of typing and more typing and more typing. Gosh. The lady who called me said that basically, they don’t just type pages of stuff. They type out whole books! Gosh. Do I really love typing that much? Hmm.


  1. after the bad things will come good things, ya? sounds so busy… but being busy is some times gd too… =D

  2. ay i want a typing job…

  3. sounds so fantastic that you’ve got so many calls!!! good luck and hope you choose well! 🙂

  4. koala: i rather b busy than haf nothing to do! hehe.

    mel: but its typing boring stuff! lol.

    linda: thanks babe! im still waiting for the people at SIC to call me. hope they do! heh. but my current job aint too bad.

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